From a conference keynote speaker answering questions off the cuff to a lead singer livestreaming backstage at a benefit concert — Facebook Live video often gives the illusion of being carefree, as if created on a whim with an iPhone whipped out of a pocket.

But spontaneity is an illusion when it comes to quality Live video. Lots of things can go wrong when you’re live: a crappy internet connection, a lacklustre conversation, or a toddler waddling in while you’re discussing a very serious subject.

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Before you launch into Live video on Facebook, here are pre-broadcast tips for events straight from the Facebook Live team.

Facebook Live  For Events Tip #1:  Announce your Live broadcast ahead of time

When you know you’re going to Go Live soon, post an announcement on your event page to invite as many viewers as possible to your broadcast. Facebook Live best practice is to give folks at least a days notice.
If you’ll be making a special announcement during your Live video, amplify the hype by teasing it in advance on your Facebook Page and Event Page:

“You’ll never guess who’s coming to {event name}? Tune in tomorrow to find out!”

Inspire their curiosity, and they’re more likely to remember to show up.

Facebook Live For Events Tip #2: Schedule your Live events to maximise viewership

Don’t stop at simply announcing your Live video. Actively schedule on with Facebook. When you pre-schedule a live broadcast, Facebook automatically posts a notification to your News Feed. That way interested viewers can opt in to receive a reminder notification just before the event begins. Matt Labunka, product manager of Live & Co-Watching at Facebook, calls this “a nifty trick for building buzz among viewers in advance.”

If you host Live videos regularly, schedule your video at the same time each week. “This trains your audience to show up at a certain prescribed time,” Labunka says.

Facebook Live For Events Tip #3: Pick your largest audience

You can post Live video from your Facebook Page, Group, Event page, or even a sponsor or partner’s page. The smart move is to choose the page with the largest number of engaged followers to go Live from. You can always post a link to your Live video on the other pages after it airs.

Facebook Live For Events Tip #4: Structure your Live video to tell a riveting story

Live video can bring your audience face-to-face with their heroes and role models, or make them feel like they’re listening to an ineffective salesperson — until they quickly move on in their feed.

To inspire potential event-goers to tune in, stay tuned in, and engage with your Live video, choose the right format. Here are some of the ways you can structure Live video to inspire event-goers

  • Exclusive announcements that create build-up for your event
  • “Live With” Q&A sessions to get to know performers, speakers, and special guests
  • Intimate backstage or behind-the-scenes tours that make the audience feel inner-circle
  • A spotlight on event-goers eager to share their anticipation and excitement
  • A livestreamed broadcast of the event itself

Did you know? 87% of audiences say they’d watch online live video over traditional TV any day, just for the sake of more behind-the-scenes access.

Facebook Live For Events Tip #5: Check your cellular or WiFi signal

You’ve scheduled it, teased it, and promised it… but a bad connection will instantly shut down your Live video efforts. Make sure the WiFi signal is strong enough to support streaming video. If you can’t take advantage of WiFi, a 4G connection will work. If neither one is strong enough, your Go Live button will be grayed out — meaning, you’re out of luck

Facebook Live For Events Tip #6: Conduct a practice run of your Live video

In addition to testing the WiFi signal where you plan to Go Live, Christy Huggins, Senior Channel Marketing Manager at Eventbrite, recommends you “run a test with your phone’s video camera before you go Live, and play it back for potential glitches.”

This test might reveal issues with:

  • Location: What looked like a visually interesting spot when you eyeballed it is actually so busy that the video looks dizzying, or so dull that it looks like a mug shot in motion.
  • Lighting: You’re interviewing your headlining artist, but the dressing room is so poorly lit no one can see her. Or, you realise a glare on the window at that particular time of day will derail your imagery
  • Noise: Are the acoustics going to work when there are a lot of people around? Is there some outside noise you’ve tuned out personally, but which will be amplified in a recording?

Facebook Live For Events Tip #7: Write a tantalising title and description

Facebook’s ability to log meta information and use it to surface content to the right audience is why it works so well as an event marketing medium. Even though titles and descriptions are optional for Live videos, you should consider them mandatory to show up in people’s feeds.

Make sure your Live video description includes:

  • Your event name and location
  • Your special guests (tag them)
  • A call to action (like “Buy tickets!”)

Matt Labunka, Product Manager, Live & Co-Watching at Facebook, says, “The details you include in your description help us understand your video goals and show it to the right people.”

Facebook Live For Events Tip #8: Interact with viewers in real time

“On Facebook, interacting with your audience is important to making your post more engaging,” says Labunka. When you’re planning your Live video, consider how you will take advantage of the range of interactive features Facebook offers like polls.

Respond to comments as they roll in. Part of the charm of live videos is that they’re interactive, and participants get a little thrill when they hear themselves personally acknowledged.

It can be tough to answer every single question when many people are commenting at once. Learn more about how to manage audience comments and more in our comprehensive ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook Live for Events.

Facebook Live For Events Tip #9: Link to your Facebook Event to drive sales

Don’t forget to make it as easy as possible for your Facebook Live viewers to become attendees. If you’re an Eventbrite customer, the folks watching your Live videos can buy tickets to your event without even leaving the Facebook Event. This end-to-end checkout means followers don’t have to jump over to your ticketing page to sign up. They stay in their Facebook experience — and ready to share their excitement with all their friends.

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