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Powerful event management software

Eventbrite is the world's largest event management software platform, trusted by event creators in over 170+ countries and territories to promote events with ease. With intuitive Eventbrite tools, you can manage everything for your in-person or virtual event in one place, from event scheduling to promoting your event online via social media. Whether you’re a first-time event creator or a full-time organiser, we're here to help with our free event planning software.

Use Eventbrite tools to easily manage your events

With our easy-to-use event management system, you can spend less time on event administration and more time planning great events. Create a free event management plan with our intuitive event seating software and ticketing system.


Create your tickets

Set up your free event booking system with multiple ticket types to offer attendees a range of options and maximise your sales.


Make it easy for ticket-buyers

Your guests can easily purchase tickets on any device, thanks to our two-click, secure checkout and event registration app.


Track your event in one place

Monitor everything from ticket sales to registrations and your seating plan with our powerful event tracking software.

Event management software for every event

Use our built-in Eventbrite tools and event booking software to attract ticket-buyers and allow them to purchase wherever they're browsing. Plus, set up different ticket types and donation options to maximise event revenue.

  • Create professional listings. Our simple events software packages will help you plan compelling events that appeal to your target audience.

  • Build your community. Get more eyes on your event, thanks to Eventbrite’s industry-leading SEO and partnership with Google Events.

  • Make data-driven decisions. Use real-time ticketing reports to see which marketing efforts are worth your while.

  • Grow your events with confidence. Leverage our free event ticket management software to grow the brand and reputation of your event.

Event management software that works with your budget

Learn more about our event management software pricing and find a package that's right for you.


The essentials you need to set up your event


The power, flexibility and control you need to create, manage and promote any type of event


Tailored partnerships for large and complex events

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an event website?

    You don't need to create a separate event site when using Eventbrite as we'll automatically create a custom landing page for your event. You'll be able to customise this page further to attract even more attendees. But you do still have the freedom to sell event tickets from your custom Eventbrite landing page, your own website, or your social media pages. Find out more about how to create an event website with Eventbrite.

How do I manage my event registrations and count attendance at events?

    Eventbrite makes it simple to track registrations for your event with our easy-to-use event management software. To check attendees in at your event, download the Eventbrite Organiser app before the event. Once you've logged in, find your event and select “Check In” to start counting attendees. Learn more about checking attendees in faster.

How can I make an event management website?

    Eventbrite will automatically create a custom landing page for your event where guests can purchase tickets. As an event creator, you'll also have access to Eventbrite's event management tools for tracking and organising your event planning tasks. See Eventbrite's software in action in this on-demand demo.

How can I market my event on Facebook?

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