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Eventbrite is the largest event management platform in the world, trusted by event creators in over 170+ countries and territories looking for easy-to-use event registration and ticketing tools. With the simple Eventbrite system, create and track everything for your event in one place, from launching your custom event registration page to promoting your event online via social media and managing online event payment and registration. Whether you're a first-time event creator or a full-time producer, Eventbrite is here to help with our free event registration system, along with free event registration tips and guidance from our team of experts and creator community.

Start selling tickets in minutes with our simple event registration software

With our seamless event registration and payment system designed to take the guesswork out of selling tickets, we make ticketing easy.

  • Grow your events with confidence: Boost your ticket sales and your event revenue with event registration tips and guidance. Once you've launched your event with our free event registration tool, share on social media with easy, one-click social media posting tools.

  • Create professional listings: Use Eventbrite's simple event registration tools and guidance for building compelling event listings and custom landing pages that convert visitors to event attendees more quickly.

  • Build your community: Eventbrite's built-in tools and partnerships put your events in front of ticket buyers and allow them to purchase wherever they're browsing, from Facebook to YouTube and more.

  • Make data-driven decisions: Track real-time ticket sales in our event registration system to adjust your event promotion strategy and focus your effort on generating more sales.

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Powerful promotional tools and fast, easy checkout

Get started with Eventbrite's powerful event registration website tools for easier event promotion and fast, easy checkout.

  • Find your audience faster: As the industry leader for online event registration platforms, Eventbrite partners with Google Events to optimise SEO and keep our creator listings at the top of Google search results.

  • Sell more tickets: Reach out to more people directly on Facebook, with a Professional or Premium package, by allowing attendees to discover, purchase and access their tickets to your events all in one place.

  • Make it easy for ticket-buyers: Your guests can easily find your event and purchase with our event registration app or our two-click, secure checkout on any device.

  • Real-time insights: We show you how to boost ticket sales with real-time reports that help you identify which marketing efforts are helping ticket sales. Track and monitor everything about your event in one place using the Eventbrite app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is buying and selling tickets online safe and secure?

    We make it easy for event creators to understand how to sell tickets safely online with Eventbrite. Eventbrite's online event registration and ticketing platform is safe and secure for both creators and ticket-buyers. Using Eventbrite, ticket-buyers can purchase with confidence using our event registration app or our two-click, secure checkout on any device.

I'm not sure how to accept payments on my website. Does the Eventbrite registration software manage payments from ticket buyers?

    Eventbrite is an all-in-one online event payment and registration system. With Eventbrite, your guests can securely purchase tickets and register their guest information in one place. Find out more about how to use Eventbrite to sell tickets with our handy event creation tool for first-time users.

Is the Eventbrite event registration software easy to use?

    We've made our event registration tools as easy as possible for ticket-buyers unfamiliar with online event registration sites. The checkout page for your event is easy to use and includes helpful instructions to help first-time users understand how to register for an event on Eventbrite.

I'm not sure how to sell tickets to my event at the venue. Can I use online event registration at my event?

    You can sell tickets at your event venue on the day of your event with Eventbrite. Track real-time ticket sales with the Eventbrite Organiser app to monitor capacity and register new guests using the Eventbrite event registration system online from any device.

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