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Eventbrite has a full suite of tools, tips, and resources to help you create virtual events and bring your community together in new ways. See how Daybreaker has built a community through can’t-miss experiences online.

Why Start Hosting Virtual Events on Eventbrite

It’s easy to set up and promote a virtual event with Eventbrite. Connect with best-in-class video providers, send automatic event reminders with Eventbrite's built-in marketing tools, and securely send links to your attendees for a seamless check-in experience.


Best-in-Class Platform Partnerships

Utilise platforms like Zoom and Vimeo to host a customisable virtual experience that meets your needs and connects to your event listing.


Streamlined Attendee Experience

From automated reminders to customised emails, give your attendees an interactive, memorable, and delightful online experience.


Unlock a New Revenue Stream

Monetise your event and unlock new revenue streams by gating access to your online content.

Seamlessly Connect Your Event Listing With Zoom

Our new Zoom app is fully integrated with Eventbrite, which means a better experience for both you and your attendees. Learn more about our Zoom app here.

  • Easily connect to an existing Zoom meeting or webinar, or create a new one on Eventbrite with your event details.
  • Automatically sync Eventbrite attendees as Zoom registrants. Once they join your event, they’ll be marked as checked-in on Eventbrite.
  • Secure access to your Zoom event by sending attendees a personalised, password-protected URL to join. Attendees can join in one click from the Online Events Page.
  • Attendees automatically receive instructions for how to access your Zoom meeting or webinar via automated email reminders, which are sent 2 days, 2 hours, and 10 minutes before your event. Now, you can customise this email copy, timing, sender name, and subject line.

Make Money With Your Livestreams

When you livestream with Vimeo, not only are you getting unparalleled audio and visual quality, but you’ll be able to password-protect your stream or make it private — and charge for access through Eventbrite

  • Eventbrite creators receive preferred pricing on Vimeo’s Premium membership.
  • Register attendees on Eventbrite to limit access to only those who’ve signed up or paid for a ticket to your event.
  • Embed the Vimeo player and chat directly onto the Online Events Page
  • Enjoy Vimeo’s fully customisable video player and best-in-class audio and visual quality.

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Easy-to-use event technology for any budget


A powerful solution to boost sales and grow your business


Tailored partnerships for large and complex events

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an online event?

How much should I charge for my online event?

    As online events become more common and higher quality, many creators have started to charge — or charge more — for their virtual experiences. Use these ticketing strategies to learn ticket pricing tips, and use Eventbrite’s add-ons feature to sell physical goods and merch to accompany your event.

Which platform should I use to host my online event?

How do I change my event from in-person to online?

    Here's how to change the location of your event from a physical location to online:

    1. Click on your event under "Manage events" in your account.
    2. Go to "Basic info" on your Event Dashboard.
    3. Select the pencil icon next to your event location.
    4. Click on the dropdown "Venue" and select "Online event".
    5. Follow the steps to create a livestream event page.

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