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Eventbrite gives you the built-in tools to easily create, promote, manage, and host unforgettable virtual event experiences using a single event platform.

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Amplify your opportunities with a technologically advanced virtual events platform

Eventbrite's virtual events platform amplifies the reach of your online experiences globally. That's great news wherever you are – whether you're streaming a live concert, hosting meetings for your companies, or running a fundraiser. It’s the easiest way to successfully grow your online audience.

Discover the power of a next-generation virtual events platform

Eventbrite provides a full suite of intuitive digital tools, innovative ideas from subject matter experts, best practices, and resources to help you plan and host unforgettable virtual events.

You can choose from a wide range of video hosting platforms seamlessly integrated with Eventbrite, including Zoom, Vimeo, Facebook Live, YouTube, or Twitch to reach and attract your online audience, sell more tickets, and elevate the interactive experience for attendees.

See Eventbrite’s virtual events software in action

Discover how organisations like Daybreaker have built a loyal community of evangelists through can’t-miss virtual events.

Host virtual events on Eventbrite that blow away expectations

Eventbrite’s industry-leading event management software provides everything you need to successfully launch, promote, and host a successful virtual or hybrid event that attendees will be talking about.

It’s easy to integrate best-in-class video providers and send automatic event reminders containing secure links to your attendees for a seamless check-in experience.


Elevate the end-to-end virtual experience for attendees

Leverage Eventbrite’s intuitive event toolkit to provide a seamless experience for your attendees at every stage of your virtual or hybrid event, from online registration to on-site meetings, and post-event marketing engagement.


Streamline your workflows with a powerful suite of digital tools

Our virtual event management tools help you save valuable time and resources. You can stop sweating the small details and dedicate more time to creating more engaging interactive experiences for your guests.


Grow your attendance faster with data-driven decision making

Focus your budget on what's working – and leave behind what’s not – with Eventbrite’s intuitive reporting capabilities, which measure your success by illuminating valuable event performance insights. Customisable reports and dashboards are simple to set up, run, and automate.

Elevate virtual event experiences with Eventbrite’s new-and-improved Zoom integration

Together, Eventbrite and Zoom are revolutionizing the future of virtual event experiences for all types of audiences, companies, and organisations.

The Eventbrite integration with Zoom provides a powerful, reliable, and seamless solution for event creators like you to discover new revenue streams, unlock new online audiences, and keep your community engaged.

  • Eventbrite’s new video platform integration is a game-changer.

    Our newly optimised Zoom integration is 7x faster than before, taking less than two seconds to load the module. 

    That’s because we’ve simplified the product experience with a streamlined workflow and direct access to your online event, making it easier to navigate the new-and-improved integration.  




The best platform for virtual events is even better with Vimeo livestreaming

When you livestream your online events with Vimeo, you and your attendees will enjoy unparalleled audio and visual quality and easy-to-use functionality.

  • Vimeo’s fully customisable video player – featuring industry-leading audio and visual quality – will transform your online event hosting.

    Some of the future-forward capabilities provided by Eventbrite’s preferred livestreaming partner include a fully customisable video player, support of both live and on-demand video content, and attendee interactivity through live Q&A, chat features, and more.

A virtual event platform that works with your budget

Learn more about your pricing options and pick the package that's right for you.


Easy-to-use event technology for any budget

Fee per paid ticket: 2% + A$0.49

Fee per free ticket: Free

Ticket types: 1


A powerful solution to boost sales and grow your business

Fee per paid ticket: 5% + A$0.99

Fee per free ticket: Free

Ticket types: Unlimited


Tailored partnerships for large and complex events

Fee per paid ticket: Custom Pricing

Fee per free ticket: Free

Ticket types: Unlimited

Frequently Asked Questions

What are virtual events?

    A virtual event is an experience that takes place online. This includes paid webinars, demos, masterclasses, Q&As, and interviews, just to name a few. On a broader scale, they can include virtual trade shows, conferences, and organisation-wide meetings for large and small companies.

What are the most important elements to consider when planning a virtual event?

    We’ve created a short list of virtual events best practices – from planning and promotion to hosting and presenting – for you to use as a guide.

    Gain a deeper understanding of your audience

    Your attendees are showing up to learn something, so prioritise what you believe they’ll find most interesting.

    Find the right speaker or panel for your topic

    If you’re hosting a virtual event with speakers, make sure they have the right experience and possess considerable authority and credibility on the topic.

    Work with a tech-savvy events team that has a diverse skillset

    Tech-savvy support teams can help you choose a video platform with the right settings and features. They can also moderate attendee interactions and sort out any tech difficulties on the day of your online event.

    Choose your event format based on the topic

    Once your event topic is determined, do your research on the various virtual event formats that could provide the strongest fit. Test out the options you’re drawn to – or even try out a combination – until you find the one that’s most successful with your audience and easiest for you to implement.

How do I choose the right video hosting platform for my virtual event?

    The answer to which video platform is the best fit for your virtual events depends on the type of event you’re hosting. Webinars, online meetings, livestreams, and virtual conferences each have unique requirements and corresponding capabilities. The good news is you can link to any virtual event platform when you’re ticketing on Eventbrite. 

How much should I charge for my event?

How can I change my event from in-person to virtual?

    Here's how to change the location of your event from a physical location to a virtual one:

    1. Click on your event under "Manage events" in your account.
    2. Go to "Basic info" on your Event Dashboard.
    3. Select the pencil icon next to your event location.
    4. Click on the dropdown "Venue" and select "Online event".
    5. Follow the steps to create a livestream virtual event page.

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