At this point in a new year, your event management resolutions are faltering. Old challenges — and some surprising new ones — have already made you question your goals for your event’s growth in 2019.

But you’re not the only one facing these challenges. In fact, we surveyed more than 600 event professionals across Australia and New Zealand on their common struggles in 2019, and three core challenges rose to the top.

Use these trends to brainstorm new ways to tackle your most persistent challenges — and take solace in the fact that you’re not alone.

Challenge #1: Reaching new attendees

No doubt about it, the events industry is thriving in Australia and New Zealand. Nearly half (46%) of respondents say they plan to host more events in 2019.

But with more events comes more challenges — and one in particular: finding new people to attend these new events. So it’s no surprise that the number one challenge faced by event creators in the year ahead is reaching new attendees (55%).

The solution? Refining your skills in marketing, promotion, social media, and community building. Kickstart your strategy for 2019 with the following free resources:

Challenge #2: Insufficient event budgets

Even though 3 out of 10 respondents say their budgets will grow in 2019, 49% of event professionals say they will struggle to make budgets stretch in 2019. Specifically, marketing and promotion is an area where people are struggling to keep spend lean, with 36% saying they’ll be increasing spend in this area.

To help your budget go further, it’s critical to make every dollar count by mastering the art of budgeting. The following three resources will help you find new ways to tighten your budget without sacrificing your event’s growth:

Challenge #3: Increased competition

Australia’s appetite for events is ever-increasing, particularly with Millennials and Gen Z putting more value on experiences over material possessions. However, this often creates more pressure on existing events to perform as new players enter the market to cater for demand. Increased competition rounds out the top challenges for event creators, with 27% saying that it’s a concern for 2019.

If you don’t want to lose attendees to the new kids on the block, you need to make sure your event is ahead of the curve. Check out the resources below to connect with loyal attendees and get discovered by event-goers:

What else is ahead for events in 2019?

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