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10 Best Ways to Sell Out Your Event

10 Best Ways to Sell Out Your Event

For most event professionals, selling out your event is priority #1. But that’s often easier said than done. So how do you develop a promotion strategy that generates early interest and maintains momentum until the last ticket or registration is sold?

We’ve compiled a list of the best 10 ways to pack the house and sell out your event. You’ll learn essential tips on:

  • How to plan for your ticket lifecycle
  • How to capture attendees where they search for events
  • The best ways to extend your on-sale window
  • Best practices for Facebook event advertising

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#1 Plan for the whole ticket sales lifecycle

Every event has a sales curve that tracks when people buy tickets. For most events, sales spike when tickets first go on sale, because you built up anticipation when you first announced your event. Tickets don’t spike again until the last few days before the event. In between those two periods is a relatively stagnant “maintenance” stage when sales slump.

Something that most event promoters learn the hard way is that timing is critical to selling out an event. You don’t want to flood the market with all of your messages at the same time — but you also don’t want to leave important information too late.

Your audience has different motivations at each stage of your ticketing lifecycle. It’s your job to nurture their ticket-buying intentions along until they’re ready to buy.

If you spend all your ad budget or make all of your big announcements in the initial stage, you may run out of spark (or cash!) to reignite that initial interest. If you spend too much trying to boost sales in the middle when interest slumps, you may not get much bang for buck.

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