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A powerful online ticketing platform

Our event ticketing software makes hosting any type of event easy.


Discover event ticketing for any occasion

Choose from pricing options so you only pay for what you need. Select Essentials for basic events and Professional for more complex event needs.


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Reach more people, increase conversions, and sell more event tickets by allowing attendees to check out on Facebook or directly from your website.


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Access our Online Help Centre 24/7 for how-to guides and educational resources on selling event tickets and online ticketing.

Choose the package that's right for you

On average, over 10,000 tickets are sold across Australia and New Zealand every day. Get started free and avoid ticketing fees by passing them to attendees.


The basics you need to start selling tickets in minutes.


The full set of tools you need to create, manage, and grow your events.


Tailored partnerships for event pros with large or complex events.

Frequently asked questions

Can I make event tickets for free?

    Yes! Eventbrite is free to use for free events, so you won't pay any fees if your event tickets are free. We do charge a service fee for every paid ticket or add-on that you sell.

How do I promote my event on social media?

    Try adding your event to Facebook with our easy integration so attendees can buy Eventbrite tickets without leaving the social media platform. And use Eventbrite Boost to help you create social media ads to further promote your event and build your audience.

How can I handle event registration?

    If you're hosting an event that doesn't require tickets, use “registration” instead of “ticketing” terminology on your event listing. Make sure you communicate your ticketing system requirements, like not requiring digital or printed tickets for entry, to your attendees so they're prepared for your event.

How can I accept online payments on my website?

    You don't need to be a pro with event ticket booking sites to sell tickets on your own website. Instead, just use Eventbrite to add a checkout to your site in just a few clicks.

A seamless online ticketing system for any event

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