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Affordable and easy-to-use event ticketing solutions

Pass ticketing fees to attendees. Plus, free ticketing for free events.

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A powerful event ticketing platform.

Events of all sizes benefit from the clarity and ease of event ticketing by Eventbrite.

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    Ticket pricing made easy

    Choose from pricing options so you only pay for what you need. Essentials for basic events and Professional for more complex event needs.

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    Get the word out

    Reach more people, increase conversions and sell more tickets by allowing attendees to check out on Facebook or directly from your website.

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    Trusted local support

    Access our Online Help Centre 24/7 for how-to guides and educational resources.

  • On average, over 10,000 tickets sold across Australia & New Zealand every day.

We've created event tickets for a lot of happy customers:

"The Eventbrite interface is easy to use. For nonprofits, it’s a great central hub for all your events."

Lauren Bruce, Campaign Director - YMCA

“Eventbrite's platform has taken a lot of manual work off our plate. We’ve been able to increase student engagement while improving staff efficiency in creating, promoting and hosting events.”

David Maxwell, Student Development - UNSW Sydney

Need more information? Discover your event solutions here:

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Event Ticketing for Schools & Universities:

When your school or university hosts an event, you want to wow guests. From current to prospective students, members, parents, alumni and investors, your events should give every attendee the best possible impression. Eventbrite helps you to improve your registration processes and maximise your fundraising and promotional efforts.

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Event Ticketing for Non-Profits & Fundraisers:

Planning an event to support a cause or charity? Eventbrite helps you to give the community an event to remember. Boost your fundraising efforts by collecting donations alongside ticket sales, reach more supporters and integrate seamlessly with leading crowd-funding platforms.

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Event Ticketing for Classes & Workshops:

From fitness workshops to cooking classes, Eventbrite gives you all the tools you need to start collecting registrations in minutes. Reach your target audience effectively through our easy-to-use Facebook integration and capture genuine interest in your event.