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Eventbrite is an easy-to-use registration solution that empowers
anyone to set up and sell out a class or workshop

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Whether you love to teach or just want to earn extra money,
Eventbrite provides you with the tools to have a successful class.

  • All in one event planning

    Simple tools let you create an event web page with logos, images and custom web address. It's quick and easy for people to buy tickets and register for your event.

  • Promote your event

    Use our free tools to spread the word about your event. Automatic search engine listing, email invitations, built in social media tools.

  • Simple pricing & no hidden fees

    2.5% + £0.99 per ticket sold (Eventbrite Service Fee is capped at £9.95 per ticket for event organisers).

From customised webpages to social media promotion
and real-time registration tracking, we take care of the hard stuff so
you can focus on teaching and sharing your passion.

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