Before you can scale your event, you need a promotion strategy that will grow with you. Just ask Chad Collins, founder of Learn With Bricks and creator of the top Lego event in the United States, Brick Fest Live.

24,000 people showed up to the first Brick Fest Live, which was designed to inspire, educate, and entertain LEGO fans. But when Collins and his team took their event on the road, they struggled to build awareness in new cities.

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Now, the team organises more than 20 events across America. In between, they learned some vital lessons about how to craft an event promotion strategy that drives growth.

Here are two steps their team had to take to scale their promotion strategy with their business.

Diving deep into performance to increase ROI

When you’re moving fast, your ability to track results and optimise campaigns needs to move fast, too. Automation, via the use of tracking pixels, can help drive more revenue by making it easier to see what is working, retarget buyers based on behaviour, and optimise your spend.

For the Learn With Bricks team, their first step was to use tracking pixels so they could make more informed decisions about spend. Now they can see at a glance how their promotions are performing, which means they can more smartly allocate time and money.

Here are two ways the team uses tracking pixels to speed things up:

  • They put their Facebook pixel code in Eventbrite, which allows them to retarget people who have seen their checkout page but haven’t checked out and serve them with targeted ads
  • On the reporting end, Eventbrite pushes their sales data to Facebook Ads Manager, so they can track conversions and adjust spend to the best performing ads

“We leverage the power of the internet for marketing, and Eventbrite makes it easy for us to do that,” Collins says.

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Choose tech that helps you automate your event promotions

Learn with Bricks started out as a YouTube channel, so it’s no surprise that online marketing remains their most powerful channel for growth. Collins says, “We wanted to find a ticketing partner that understood internet marketing just as well as we did, and knew how important it is.”

The team chose Eventbrite as their ticketing partner and automated their marketing machine because of Eventbrite’s seamless integrations with Facebook, Google Analytics, and Learn with Bricks’ email platform. The result? Less time spent on everyday tasks.

To save time for your own staff, be sure to choose a ticketing platform that lets you:

  • Create a new event on Eventbrite and immediately push it to create a Facebook Event in one click
  • Add and tag new ticket buyers using a tool like Zapier, to better target their email messaging for different audiences

“We don’t have to manually export and import, it’s all just done,” Collins says. “Using all the tools that are built into Eventbrite, we can implement our sales strategies really easily.”

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