Most quests for information start with a Google search. If you’re in the business of teaching or training, you want your classes to be found during that initial research phase from potential students looking to learn. 

But appearing at the top of search results isn’t as easy as having the best course or even the nicest website. You need to make sure your classes or workshops are carefully optimised for search to show up in relevant results. 

For Brisbane-based UX Training consultancy, PeakXD, listing their training courses with Eventbrite helped give their registrations an instant boost for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is because search algorithms aim to prioritise the most reliable and authoritative sources of information available and Eventbrite is one of Google’s most trusted sites for events. 

When someone searches for “UX training courses”, PeakXD’s Eventbrite listing is the top result, increasing visibility to their courses and brand. 

“Eventbrite’s SEO has really helped us improve our organic Google ranking, we’re now coming up first in search results. For us, that’s massive. Increased visibility means extra sales and registrations,” says PeakXD Training Manager, Miranda Wee. 

With small class sizes of just 20 people, PeakXD have minimum registration numbers they need to reach to proceed. This means every registration matters and good SEO could be the difference between running a course or cancellation. 

Since switching to Eventbrite for course registrations in January 2019, PeakXD have sold out 4 of their last 6 courses. “Before, we weren’t getting anywhere near those numbers,” says Wee. “We’ve had to cancel courses when we couldn’t get the minimum registrations needed. Eventbrite helps get people to us,” she explains. 

Simple tips to improve SEO for your workshop or class:

  • Choose a registration partner that is trusted by search engines
  • Include your top keywords in your event name and event page URL
  • Make sure your event description contains at least 200 words of original text (meaning not copied from your website or another event listing) 
  • Repeat your event name and keywords in your event description 
  • Give your images relevant file names such as your event name and class, not “IMG-1234.jpg”
  • Google can’t see images, so give files an “alt tag” description of what is happening in the image as it relates to your class or workshop
  • Link to your event page from your website and social networks

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