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How PeakXD Improved Their Registration Experience to Sell Out

PeakXD are experts in user experience (UX) design. The Brisbane-based consultancy has more than 15 years experience consulting and designing UX projects and runs training courses Australia-wide to teach people how to design easy and intuitive user experiences.

And yet, when it came to actually enrolling in one of these courses, the user experience was anything but.

The challenge:

For businesses offering training courses, being seen as industry leaders is crucial to maintaining a strong reputation. PeakXD needed to find a registration solution that provided a good user experience to improve their brand and avoid missing out on sales.

“Since switching to Eventbrite we’ve sold out more than 60% of our events. Before, we weren’t getting anywhere near those numbers – we’ve even had to cancel courses when we couldn’t get the minimum registrations needed. Eventbrite helps get people to us.”

– Miranda Wee, Training Manager, PeakXD

The solution:

In January 2019, PeakXD switched to Eventbrite to increase registrations and provide a better experience for their students. Partnering with Eventbrite for training course registration has allowed them to:

Get in front of more people to fill every course

Provide a registration experience that reflects well on their brand as UX consultants

Integrate with the tools and payment systems they rely on

Tailor courses to meet the needs of students

PeakXD by the numbers

  • 4 out of 6

    Events sold out since switching
    to Eventbrite

  • #1 on Google

    Top ranked event listing for
    “ux training courses”

  • 1800+

    Individuals trained in user experience

Getting in front of more people to fill classes

Most quests for information start with Google. For events, search can be expected to drive between 5-10% of ticket purchases or registrations. But these sales aren’t automatic – it takes dedicated effort to make your event rank in Google search results.

As one of Google’s top 100 most trusted sites, Eventbrite gives event creators an instant boost to their SEO efforts. When someone searches for “UX training courses”, PeakXD’s Eventbrite listing is the #1 result, increasing visibility to their courses and brand.

“Eventbrite’s SEO has really helped us improve our organic Google ranking, we’re now coming up first in search results. For us, that’s massive. Increased visibility means extra sales and registrations,” says PeakXD Training Manager, Miranda Wee.

By listing training courses on Eventbrite, PeakXD are also reaching Eventbrite’s own powerful network of event-goers. A recent sold-out event in Canberra had 20% of all registrations come directly from Eventbrite-owned channels such as the website and app.

“We’re seeing a lot of enquiries coming through Eventbrite. It’s really easy for people to ask questions about the courses directly through the Contact function on our event listing. If they hadn’t, we might have missed out on a sale,” says Wee.

With small class sizes of just 20 people, PeakXD have minimum registration numbers they need to reach to proceed. This means every registration matters and could be the difference between running and cancellation.

“Eventbrite’s SEO has really helped us improve our organic Google ranking – we’re now coming up first in search results. For us, that’s massive. Increased visibility means extra sales and registrations”.

– Miranda Wee, Training Manager, PeakXD

Improving the registration experience

When you’re in the business of teaching user experience, you need to walk the walk. Like the courses themselves, PeakXD needed the user experience of their registration to be first-class.

“The interface of our previous platform didn’t provide a great experience,” explains Wee. “We had limited control over the interface and what we could change. If we use a system that provides a poor user experience, it harms our credibility because it looks like we don’t know what we’re talking about. The user experience of Eventbrite is much better than the competition – and as a UX consultant, it’s my job to know,” she says.

Eventbrite’s registration interface also provides more functionality on the backend for PeakXD to manage their events. “The dashboard is great. At a glance, it’s really clear if we’ve met the minimum numbers to run an event, we don’t need to dig for data,” says Wee.

“As UX experts, we need to provide a great experience for our users, or we risk looking like we don’t know what we’re talking about”.

– Miranda Wee, Training Manager, PeakXD

Integrating with the tools they rely on

As a small team who need to focus on delivering courses, PeakXD rely on automation to help reduce their admin workload. But as they offer courses tailored for government clients, many of their students are unable to pay by credit card. “Invoicing was a deal breaker for us, it’s something we had to offer,” says Wee.

PeakXD use accounting software, Xero, to manage invoicing and payments ­– but with no integration with their previous event management system, they needed to process all registrations manually.

Eventbrite registration not only gives students the option to pay by invoice – it automatically creates the invoice in Xero upon registration. Using Marketplace App, Zapier, data is instantly imported into their accounting software, eliminating the need to raise invoices manually.

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PeakXD also use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, Infusionsoft, to manage their business and student groups. Rather than try to manage multiple systems, the Zapier app helps integrate all of their registrant data from Eventbrite. Zapier automatically exports attendee data into their CRM tool, allowing them to use their own email system and automate reminders to students.

“We have a lot of government clients and they all need to pay via invoice, so it’s great to not have to do that manually. With Eventbrite, it’s instant and clients can pay straight away without a credit card.”

– Miranda Wee, Training Manager, PeakXD

Tailoring courses to the needs of students

When running a training course to help people learn a new skill, you need to cater for more than just dietary requirements. You need to know who is in the room, so you can deliver the information most useful to their roles. PeakXD uses custom registration questions to learn more about their attendees – and tailor their courses accordingly.

“It’s helpful to capture information about our attendees and their experience on registration. If we have 20 people coming to the class and they’re all working in UX roles, we need to run a course differently than we would if they were all business analysts,” explains Wee.

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