The all-new event creation experience helps you create events with more speed and confidence. The new creation experience introduces new features that reduce the number of manual and repetitive tasks needed to set up your event, plus updated tools to help you bring in additional sales and make your event stand out. With more flexibility and ease of use, you can spend less time working on your events and more time creating meaningful live experiences. 

In the Eventbrite new creation experience, you can now…

Save time with new features

No need to drop what you’re working on to publish your event at a certain time – with the new schedule publish feature you can select a time for events to go live on Eventbrite and Facebook. To simplify things even further, you now have the option to copy ticket types within your event as well.

Make money in more ways

We’ve improved on the way you sell extras to your event with the new Add-ons tool. Add-ons allow ticket buyers to easily purchase non-ticket items like merch, parking, VIP upgrades, and more right on your listing page. Not only can you manage all your ticket and non-ticket sales in one place, but Add-ons also helps provide a better experience for your attendees by cutting down on lines at your event. 

Design a stand-out event with new tools

There are a lot of events out there, but yours are unique. Make them stand out with new design tools that help you cleanly and simply customise copy, images, and videos on your listing.

Start creating your next event now

Create a new event to start using the new creation experience today! Or learn more about getting started here