Sell Event Tickets on Facebook

Connect Eventbrite to Facebook to sell event tickets on social media in just minutes.

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Set up your Eventbrite Facebook event now

If you want to sell event tickets on Facebook, our integration makes this quick and easy. For more help adding Eventbrite to your Facebook event, check out this step-by-step guide.


Get started with your Facebook Eventbrite integration

Adding your Eventbrite event to Facebook is simple. First, go to your event dashboard. Then, from "Invite & Promote" in the left-hand menu, click "Add to Facebook" to link Eventbrite to Facebook.


Sell event tickets on Facebook

Once your event is linked to Facebook, you can sell event tickets directly via a Facebook ticket link. Your event and tickets will be on your selected Facebook page – never on your personal profile.


Grow your community with social media event promotion

Attendees can discover your Eventbrite Facebook event, buy tickets, and access their tickets all on Facebook. Plus, they can quickly and easily share your event with friends.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get the word out about an event?

    There are many types of event marketing you can utilise to promote your event. For social media event promotion, check out Facebook and take advantage of our Eventbrite Facebook integration to make it easy for attendees to find your event and purchase a ticket. We can help you create customised email campaigns, too. For an offline approach, consider flyers and posters.

How do I write a marketing plan for an event?

    Content marketing for events works best when well-planned. A marketing plan will guide you in raising awareness of your event and help to ensure you reach your target audience with the right message. However, there's no one-size-fits-all approach and you'll need to personally determine which channels and tactics work best for you. Need a little extra help? We've compiled some strategies and ideas to help build your event marketing plan.

How do I advertise an event?

    There are a variety of ways to advertise your event. Public events are automatically listed in our search directory and major search engines. If you've linked your event to Facebook, people can find your event through Facebook search in Australia without logging in, too.

How can I get media coverage for an event?

    Start by crafting a press release around the announcement of your event to garner media interest. You can pitch directly to a news outlet, use a distribution outlet, or even seek out a media partnership. Another way is to network with journalists on social media and follow up with an invitation.

Make your event stand out with Eventbrite and Facebook

By clicking 'Sell tickets on Facebook', I confirm that I agree with the Eventbrite terms of service,  privacy policy, and  community guidelinesAlready a member?  Log in.