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Sensual Body Wisdom ~ Ancestral Earth Medicine ~ Dancing Woman

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Hello Delicious Women, you are invited to attend a beautiful weekend camping in the luscious, relaxing, natural surrounds of “The Grove” in Wiseman’s Ferry.

Enjoy your time away from the business and demands of life and immerse yourself in reawakening and reclaiming your Sensual Body Wisdom in the simplicity of nature.

Some of what’s on offer:
• Yoga and Dancing
• 7 Generations healing constellations
• Shamanic Earth Medicine
• Tantric Embodiment
• Fresh water tidal creek to frolic in
• Labyrinth to journey upon
• Incredible women to meet and be inspire with

What does Sensuality mean to you?
What if Sensuality is playful innocence, womanly power and a way to navigate though life?
What if reclaiming your Sensuality is your way back home to your magic, wisdom and Divinity?
Would you want to open up to your full potential of Sensual Body Wisdom?
Lets call upon the wisdom of Ancestors and ask then to show us refine our connection to our Sensuality, Body and Wisdom

Love yourself awake at this Shamana Dakini gifting weekend where every woman gifts in some way through the essence of community. This can be:
* Facilitation of workshops,
* Preparation and cooking of communal meals in the outdoor kitchen,
* Set up events and cleaning up over the weekend,
* Playing musical instruments,
* Attending to the beautification of the “Temple spaces”
Every Woman brings food ingredients to share for communal meals.

Mamas with children are welcome. Even if you don’t get a chance to participate in all workshops, you will definitely feel nurtured and a part of the tribe by being there.

While on this retreat you can choose your level of participation. There is plenty of time for rest and relaxation in between sessions for you to get away from the demands of life. Return back to home and work refreshed, invigorated, inspired and loving.

$165 weekend ticket
$55 girls 16 - 19
Free for girls under 16 and boys under 4
$75 for facilitators, by application only http://www.returntobodywisdom.com/facilitator-invite.html
After registration you will receive your information kit with what to bring, how to get there, etc.

Note: Ticket sales end midnight Wednesday 3 May, after which you can buy upon arrival for $10 extra

This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event

Our Vision:
* To reignite the Divine Feminine here on Earth
* To journey with the Medicine Wheel
* To nurture the Medicine Woman, Shamana, High Priestess and Dakini Dancer within all of us.
* To remember the innocence and joy of being sensual women
* To dance through the veils of mystery and explore the creation void
* To reclaim the creative, healing power of our erotique sexuality
* To remember our Divine nature, while held by nature
* To unify, love, liberate and transform
* To heal ourselves, thereby healing our community, our Earth Mother

There is currently a call out for facilitators that feel inspired to offer something in the realm of ancestral wisdom – clearing our history and reclaiming the gifts our ancestors intend for us.

So far on offer we have:
" Walking with our Ancestors Sweat Lodge" with Bastian McPhee
" Kundalini Dance with our ancestors" with Noeleen Melissa Joyce
" 7 Generation Constellation Healing" with Shantell Shakti
" Tantric Healing of our Bones" with Thais Ingrid Anjos Santos
" Erotic Dakini Dance" with Shantell Shakti

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