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Wings of Destiny was forged by founder Kate Worsfold based on her 15 years of being in a Domestic Violence relationship. Kate understands all too well the paradox in leaving a DV relationship and then revoking the decision to retreat and return. Over the years she found herself several times leaving and going back until the day she realised that enough was enough and it was time to craft her true destiny. One of the prevalent reasons Kate believes most women return to these relationships is because these women lack clarity in their self identity and confidence. “They lose who they are and become conditioned into believing what others think of them, consumed by their limitations instead of focused on their true potential and the greatness they have within them. “ I believe that once women are reunited with their true selves and find their wings to fly, they are capable of forging an amazing destiny for themselves that is not comprised by abuse.” Wings of Destiny is specifically designed for women only and values and acknowledges all cultural diversities “My hope and my dream is that women who have completed this course will have the tools and the personal insight to make more objective decisions based on their own personal values as they move forward post abuse. It is my passion to help mentor and help inspire women to rebuild themselves after they have been in these soul destroying circumstances. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing a woman truly believe in who she is and what she is capable of achieving, her beauty of that knowledge radiates and touches all the lives of those around her and forges wings so magnificent and delicate that everyone can see that she has an amazing greatness within her! Her possibilities are endless and she is the Master of her own Destiny!” Kate Worsfold - Author of 'Destined to be .. ME', Founder, Program Writer and Course Facilitator, Self Confidence and Motivational Mentor, Law of Attraction Coach.

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