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Wings of Destiny

Wings of Destiny is a non for profit orgainisation, founded in 2015 by our CEO Kate Worsfold based on her 15 years of experiencing domestic violence. Our clear purpose is to assist women who have experienced Domestic Violence to help them rebuild, recover and heal.


Wings of Destiny’s objective is to provide tools and holistic resources for affected persons to live confidently with self-belief and empowerment; no longer defined by their past.With an array of fundraising events and volunteer projects, we welcome you to join our endeavors aimed at making the world a better place.


Wings of Destiny, is a charitable foundation dedicated to empowering women after domestic violence and helping those in need.


With the dedication of our volunteers, staff members, and sponsors, we strive to improve the lives of families who have experienced domestic violence within the community.


Our services are focused on the holistic approach. We believe that empowerment is not simply about changing one's mindset. It is a combination of both healing the MIND, BODY, SOUL and SPIRIT. In order to truly find successful results moving forward after trauma, we must allow the whole of our being heal from the experience.


Trauma is not only felt from a physical, emotional and audible level. Research has proven that we hold our trauma and our memories in certain parts of our bodies. In our organs, muscles and ultimately our cells.


In order to truly find healing and empowerment after significant trauma such as DV, we must allow our bodies holistic ways in which to heal itself and release the past abuse.


“My hope and my dream is that women who have completed this course will have the tools and the personal insight to make more objective decisions based on their own personal values as they move forward post abuse. It is my passion to help mentor and help inspire women to rebuild themselves after they have been in these soul destroying circumstances. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing a woman truly believe in who she is and what she is capable of achieving, her beauty of that knowledge radiates and touches all the lives of those around her and forges wings so magnificent and delicate that everyone can see that she has an amazing greatness within her! Her possibilities are endless and she is the Master of her own Destiny!” Kate Worsfold - CEO and Founder, Author, Motivational Speaker, Personal Holistic Development Mentor


Contact us to see how you can be part of this holistic empowerment movement we are bringing to the community to evoke change.

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