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Total Bookkeeping & Business Solutions

Headed by Bookkeeping Consultant Alee Cochrane, Total Bookkeeping and Business Solutions provides clients with solutions to make business easier.  Working with a range of clients on both a local and global scale, our passion is to help you find the best way to use technology, ensuring that your clients will have greater visibility to their business' performance and thereby enabling them to plan for future growth and success.


Having previously worked in the TAFE sector, our Training Services focus on ensuring that you maxmise the use of your software, customising this to suit your individual business needs - whether it be an initial set up and training,  or further training for an existing user empowering you to a greater potential.   


Our courses are structured to suit a wide range of needs from beginner to more established users wanting to further develop their skills to get the maximum potential from their software


Select and book from the sessions below or make an enquiry at for a tailored training package.

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