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The Regional Entrepreneur Academy

We believe small business is one of the toughest assignments on the planet. We also believe, however, that business ownership can be one of the most rewarding investments and fulfilling entrepreneurial journeys you can take.

We are passionate about helping business families create resilient and investment worthy businesses across Regional Australia and we bring 30 years of combined business development, strategy and mentoring experience to the table.

We want to take you on an expedition to your business summit and we will be beside you every step of the way.

We work with regional business owners, like you, to scale your business and significantly increase its underlying true value so you can position your business for sale or investment. We guarantee that we will triple your business valuation, within three years, or we won’t work with you.

That’s a big claim and we wouldn’t make it if we weren’t serious.

In our opinion, owning and leading a business is one of the toughest and, when done well, most rewarding assignments on the planet.

And there’s the key … when done well.

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