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Be You. Be Awesome. Be Free.



POVAR is a system that empowers people to evolve out of their regular job and launch their own training business.

It is designed for people in the corporate or entrepreneurial world who seek to refine their niche and share their offerings via the internet and/or face to face workshops.



We are here to assist corporate and highly talented people who want a new way of life away from the office and daily grind.
We educate and empower them with the knowledge and systems to be an inspiring leader, teacher or consultant.
We help them stay on track so their work is in the best interests of the people and the planet.

We are creating a world future where improving people and the planet are at the core of business growth.




Integrity, Community, Philanthropy

POVAR is community minded. We empower highly capable people to build a business that aligns with their moral values. This is the basis of our work.

It is exclusive to those who have developed a passion for the environment and the needs of community and connection in our modern world.

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