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Milton Yoga Hub

Milton Yoga Hub offers a well balanced and mindful practice of asana, pranayama and meditation for all ages in the heart of Milton Village in NSW. We offer daily classes and regular workshops and events grounded in whole bodymind health and wellbeing. At our studio you will also find a small marketplace including a range of clothing, eco-friendly mats, organic teas and jewellery to purchase and a community library to borrow from.

There is a general vinyasa flow to each MYH class, combining breath with movement, however mindfulness and alignment are key factors for all classes in order to constantly develop student' practice and to support the students' safety.
Our classes are small and intimate. This will provide you with a true relationship with your teacher who will be able to support you confidently within a group practice. 

Our Kids and Teens yoga is dedicated to providing children of all ages with an unwavering belief in themselves and a strong physical, mental and emotional foundation to last an entire lifetime.

In order to begin your yoga practice, all you need to do is to show up, beginning from wherever you are right now.
Come to yoga with an intention to be mentally and physically strengthened, toned, alert yet calm and to gain clarity of mind.
Come with a dedication to overcome anxiety and depression, to relax, to increase academic performance, to increase coordination and reaction times.
Come to open and lengthen the fascia, come to enable stability and ease in the whole body-mind.
And most of all, come to be part of a positive, supportive community, grounded in health and wellbeing. Yoga is for everyone.

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