John Polley (JP)

John Polley (JP) and Corinne Austin are international presenters and practitioners in the field of health, movement, wellness and functional medicine.

JP has several roles as a movement professional. Firstly, as owner of Be Free Movement Lifestyle Wellness in Perth, he sees clients requiring therapy and conditioning to overcome setbacks from over use, surgery, injury or illness, as well as professional athletes requiring that little extra at the top end to make a difference in their sport.

Part of his work here is seeing individuals with pain resulting from their work across all fields, from desk work through to strenuous manual labour at mine sites.

Secondly, as an educator, JP is a specialist in integrated myofascial movement; one of a handful in Australia and New Zealand. Taking account of connective tissues in addition to the muscles means a more complete understanding of the human body and the way it is designed to move, meaning JP’s knowledge is sought after at major conferences across the region. He has presented every year since 2011 at the main events held in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. In addition he has conducted teaching tours for the last two years and in 2018 was selected as the only featured presenter for the Exercise New Zealand Roadshow, covering eight cities across the country.

JP’s knowledge and ability with communication has led to roles as master instructor for some global brands of exercise equipment, both teaching instructors and writing content for those companies. He also writes and creates video content on effective movement for national and global companies.

JP also runs his own education and mentorship program, called ‘The Next Level’ for those wanting to start learning his skills in myofascial appraisal and prescription in movement. People from a range of fields from exercise, to physiotherapy, to manual therapy and Eastern medicine have so far learnt from him.

Thirdly, as a consultant, JP has visited workplaces and to appraise their movement and create effective strategies to reduce workplace fatigue, soreness and potential injury. The highly adaptable system of movement JP has collated can be tailored to any job in any environment. Each person or organisation he has worked with so far, have required a fresh approach and creation of new practices, which JP has developed.

Finally, JP has a reputation as an early adopter of the latest effective practices in movement and health. Whether that be using a fascial understanding of movement, genetic assessment for personal health outcomes or using play as a form of high intensity exercise, he brings a progressive outlook to everything he does. Whatever project he tackles, it is viewed as a unique challenge, with unique requirements, requiring unique practices. JP’s ability to adapt his knowledge and skills is well known and he’s one of the few people excited by varied and different challenges outside of the norm.