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I guide people to connect with their Higher Self/Soul; their True essence, to understand their Soul Purpose and mission. Deeply connecting with your Heart & Soul, allows you to expand into the fullness of who You ARE and bestow your unique gifts and talents to the world through Love, joy and bliss.

My own Spiritual gifts to the world is my gift of clear channelling of Akashic Masters and High Dimensional beings. They have taught me to open my heart to Love, to Light and to Bliss. Through their channelled messages - I teach love. My whole teaching is based on love. I help people to find how to move out of their logical mind and into their hearts because logic cuts, it makes things divided. The mind is a kind of prism, pass light through it an it is divided into seven colours. Pass anything through the mind and it becomes dual. My masters help re-calibrate the bodies to clear and trasmute these blockages that keep us being our truly joyful and abundant selves who understand that we are but Love.

Looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to the Masters!

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