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Hastings Valley Community of Schools
The Hastings Valley Community of Schools (HVCS) is a ‘community of learning’ education model that focuses on co-operative participation by working, exploring, researching and learning together to achieve better outcomes for our students.  The HVCS offers an exception education from kindergarten to year 12 to our community of 4,500 students.
Individually our schools provide excellence in education. Collectively we are committed to the sharing of innovative practices for the benefit of all students. Our learning community builds on professional collaboration to enable the further development of teaching and leadership capacities of all our staff.
Our learning community consists of Hastings Secondary College Port Macquarie and Westport Campuses, Port Macquarie Public School, Hastings Public School, Westport Public School, Telegraph Point Public School, Lake Cathie Public School, and Tacking Point Public School.
At Hastings Valley Community of schools, we prepare your child for life.
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