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Bruno Groening Circle of Friends

Welcome to the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends

Healing on the spiritual path through the teachings of Bruno Groening is medically verifiable!

- What was common knowledge in all the advanced civilisations through the ages
- what famous doctors of modern medicine (Paracelsus, Hahnemann...) put to use 
- what science has been able to confirm through some basic discoveries:

There is a Higher power which is the fundament of life and it can heal!

Bruno Groening called this the divine Heilstrom or the divine power.

He had a very exact intuitive knowledge of this power, which, through his simple teaching, he made available for all people to use.

The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends is an informal gathering of people who have recognised the value of Bruno Groening's teachings. These are passed on in hundreds ofgroups which meet around the world. Instruction is given for the proper physical and mental attitude necessary for the absorption of Divine power. The ”healing stream”, which is clearly perceptible in the body, gives help and healing, even in cases of chronic, degenerative and serious organic illnesses.

Affiliation to the Circle is voluntary and free of charge. There are also no national, ideological or confessional ties. All activities are free of charge. Costs are met by voluntary donations.

Please consult our internet pages for further information. If anything strikes you as being too new, or too unusual, check it out without prejudice. According to Bruno Groening this is the only way you will discover the truth:

"Do not be credulous. Convince yourselves."

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