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Behind The Scenes Communications

Catherine Hollyman, founder of Behind The Scenes Communications, has worked with Presidents and Managing Directors of major corporations; Senior Managers and Team Leaders; Project Managers and leading entrepreneurs and small business owners, to develop their communication skills so they connect more meaningfully with their audiences at every interaction.

Through personal coaching sessions or group workshops, Catherine breaks communication down to its fundamental building blocks - the written word, vocal delivery, non-verbal signals, and listening. Catherines teachs you the principles of each communication skill and how they all come together to help you communicate more effectively.

Following Catherine's proven Connection Point Framework, you learn how to communicate with clarity, conviction and compassion so you connect more meaningfully with your different audiences, at every interaction. Delivering the right message, at the right time and in the right way to suit whichever stakeholder you are addressing.

Whether it is for an upcoming conference or speaking engagement, an internal presentation, a client meeting, a new business pitch, or simply to improve the impact of your day-to-day communication, Catherine is ready and waiting behind the scenes to help you communicate, connect and contribute your best.

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