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Wellthy Living collective wisdom CONNECT, REFLECT, CREATE & CELEBRATE

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Prahran, VIC 3181


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Rushing. Too busy. No time to stop. Sound familiar? It seems like we are always busy, always rushing on to the next thing with barely a backward glance at the last project, last creation, last mistake, last achievement. Yet we all know that we learn the most from failure, not just from experiencing a failure but in ‘learning’ from our mistakes, thinking about why it went wrong and importantly how we could do better next time.

Sadly in all our rushing to the next thing there’s rarely time to think about what happened and of course its painful to dwell on it, its much easier to ‘move on’ and push it from our thoughts, forget about it altogether.

Failures are one thing, but what about our successes? How often do we stop and take the time to think about them and to ask ourselves why it was a success? Do we ever take the time to think about what it was we did well and how we can make it happen again?

It’s also important to take the time to feel gratitude for all the blessings the year has given us before rushing on to the next one.

When the end of year approaches, do you get excited and start making plans for the year ahead. Yet, rarely stop and take time to think about closing out the year that is. Do you completely skip the part where you look back at the year behind and reflect on what could have been better and acknowledge all the blessings and achievements the current year has given.

I want to help change that reality for you this year.

I invite all women in business to the final Wellthy Living collective wisdom event for 2018 to ......

CONNECT: When women gather real magic happens!

REFLECT: Who did you met? What did you learned? What did you achieve?, What did you fail at? and How did you grow as a person in that time.

CREATE: Set intentions and generate ideas for 2018

CELEBRATE: celebrate together in a way I guarantee will have you smiling of not laughing (this part of the event is a suprise)

Taking the time to connect, reflect, create and celebrate is such an important part of expanding as a person and in turn allowing for all aspects of your life to expand.

GUEST FACILITATOR: Peace Mitchell is the co-founder of AusMumpreneur, Australia's #1 co​mmunity for mums in business, and the Women's Business School, which provides flexible & time efficient business education for women who've started their own business.

Peace will share her reflections of 2017. The things that worked well and the things that didn't go so well. As women in business we need to keep it real and that's what Peace is going to do at this event.

Peace also runs the womens business school and is launching a new accelerater business program in 2018. You can find out more here:
And our facebook group: The Women's Business Tribehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/womensbusinesstribe/

So when is comes to building a national business with a large community of women, providing impactful programs enhanced by collaborations and real connection and giving back, Peace is full of wisdom, experience and knowledge.

You don't want to miss this opportunity to hear from such a grounded, humble, wise, successful woman.


"Just wanted to say thank you so much for today! It was such an inspiring morning and it was so wonderful to come together with other women that are feeling the same. It struck me how amazing it is to feel so much connection to people you have just met and there was such warmth and honesty in the room - love love love! "

"Stunning venue, interesting and valuable speakers covering subjects we all need to embrace. The day yesterday was warm, vibrant and successful at connecting beautiful women to each other. Well done to Lisa Entwisle and thank you to all the women I met and to those I did not, your energy was quite amazing and I loved being part of such an inspiring collective of powerfully individual, unique and very beautiful women.

" It was a beautiful and inspiring morning,thank you wellthy living you are such a blessing"
"Thanks for a fabulous connecting event this morning! It was unlike any 'networking/speaker' event I've ever been to and will certainly be going to the next one! Incredible presenters and a wonderful host."

"What a special contribution to life & womanhood -love your work & thank you for brightening my day!!"

"Wow!!! Lisa this morning was incredible!! Amazing speakers, gorgeous venue, and powerful crowd of soulful women!! Thank you so much for bringing us all together."


All Wellthy Living events are inviting, inclusive and heart centred and highly value collective wisdom.

They are a place to connect authentically with other women and experience a balance of joy, depth, learning and wisdom sharing through nourishing facilitated conversations and worshop style activities.

A place to be seen and heard without judgement. A place to show up in all your uniqueness and know that no matter where you are currently at you are a gift of inspiration for someone else.


A 3 hour event with expert facilitation, morning tea, opportunities for connection and nourishing conversations.

ROUND 1 $33.00 (very limited available)

ROUND 2: $44.00 (limited)

ROUND 3: $55.00 (all remaining tickets)

Each round has limited tickets available, so if you want to come BOOK NOW

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Prahran, VIC 3181


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