WEBINAR Paint Your Pet Session 1 of 2 - Fun, Interactive ON-LINE Art Class

WEBINAR Paint Your Pet Session 1 of 2 - Fun, Interactive ON-LINE Art Class

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    Come paint ON-LINE with us ! We're enjoying fun interactive creative time together... BYO smile, can-do attitude, & paints/canvas

    About this event

    Explore your creativity from the comfort of your own home. In this 3-4 hour interactive on-line art class - using your laptop, tablet or phone, join Sonia in a fun art experience in real time to create an acrylic artwork you'd be happy to hang on your wall. Buy your ticket here - see my new limited number of EARLY BIRD tickets now available

    Important Note:

    • 'Paint Your Pet' with Sonia Farrell is made up of TWO art workshop sessions. THIS IS SESSION 1 - Sketch your pet. In the 2nd session (held approximately 1 week later) will continue to work on the same artwork - that is the sketch you created in Session 1. . In Session 2 you are taken step by step through painting your pet). Please note that BEFORE you can attend Session 2 - painting your pet, you need to FIRST have attend THIS session ie Session 1.
    • In THIS first session - ie Session 1, Sonia guides you through sketching your pet , and preparing to paint at the next session (usually run 1 week later). Please note you will have to separately book and pay for Session 2.
    • In the second session - ie Session 2, Sonia guides you through painting your pet using acrylics. To attend Session 2 you need to have attended Session 1 (usually run 1 week before. Please note if you have not yet attended Session 1, you will need to separately book and pay for Session 1and attend it FIRST before attending Session 2)

    • The cost of each workshop session is $35 (excluding the Eventbrite fee) includes interactive , step by step guidance to sketch (Session 1) and paint (Session 2) your beloved furbaby.
    • Your booking does not include art materials and a canvas.
    • You will need to bring along a A3 or A4 photocopy or photo print of an image of your pet*. *Please ensure your reference photo/photocopy of your pet is clear and detailed We suggest having a matt finish on photos (NOT gloss). Pet portraits look great when your reference image details your pet's face and especially their eyes. Your image could also include their neck and chest.
    • It is also very helpful if you have your reference image electronically - for example on your phone or ipad/tablet if you have one (this device should not be the device you use to attend the Zoom meeting. If you do not have something like this available, I suggest you have a 2nd larger photocopy of your reference image as an A3 will provide similar help.
    • BEFORE attending Session1 - ie sketching your pet onto canvas, please email Sonia the photo you intend to use for the workshop - email address: contact@allheartbysoniafarrell.com This is to reach Sonia at least 2 days before you are to attend the workshop

    - Your own art materials, including acrylic paints, paint brushes and a painting surface such as a stretched canvas (recommended surface of size 40cm wide x 30cm high), canvas board, or MDF board (or similar surface suitable for painting acrylics on). Please see further below for a detailed list of paint materials and requirements.

    - Use of your phone, iPad/tablet, or laptop/computer for the Zoom session with a reasonable signal strength and sufficient data for the two sessions (ie Session 1 and Session 2).

    The class is presented using acrylic painting materials.

    A link to the event will be made available via Eventbrite 48 hours before the event. You will receive an email with this advice and a tab to view this information by signing into Eventbrite.

    HOWEVER - If you find you haven't received this notification for access to the link 48 hours before the event, please contact Sonia on contact@allheartbysoniafarrell.com


    - If you are wanting to paint your own subject matter we recommend you arrange an exclusive one-on-one painting sessions with Sonia - see other on-line exclusive sessions being promoted by Sonia on her page). Please feel free to discuss the design or reference with Sonia. Please be aware of copyright considerations.

    - Interested in painting additional workshops with Sonia, please see some of the designs on offer below. Sonia is continually adding to designs, so please follow Sonia on Eventbrite to receive notifications of new workshop dates and times.

    - Keen to chat to Sonia - please feel free to reach out to her on her website:

    Designs below are examples of some of the designs Sonia currently offers. Please have a look at upcoming workshops on Sonia's Eventbrite page.

    WEBINAR Paint Your Pet Session 1 of 2 - Fun, Interactive ON-LINE Art Class image

    Here is a detailed list of the art materials you will need to 'Paint Your Pet' in this interactive on-line art experience. If you have any questions to prepare for the session, please email Sonia on contact@allheartbysoniafarrell.com, and/or phone 0424 071 026.

    ESSENTIAL (See note on **Painting Kits available):

    If you do not have a painting kit, or wish to purchase materials suitable to attend multiple art workshops with Sonia, you are welcome to purchase one of Sonia's Art Painting Kits**.

    1) Acrylic paints - colours:

    • Colours: Black, White, Flesh tint colour, and any colours that feature in your pet's fur - example, brown, orange, yellow, etc

    2) Paint brushes - variety of brushes including a fan brush, a mop brush, a selection of round brushes, including one with a fine tip (see image below)

    3) Palette knife

    4) Palette surface to mix paints on, example: yogurt tub lid, or palette paper pad

    5) A hair dryer

    6) Painting Drop sheet or old towel to protect the table (we suggest placing a plastic lining directly on your table under the towel or drop sheet to protect it )

    7) Wear an apron or clothes you won't mind getting a bit of paint on

    8) Canvas or Canvas board approximately 30cm x 40cm (you can go larger or smaller)

    9) Spray bottle/Misting Bottle with water

    10) 2x Water bowls to wash brushes

    11) Old towel or clean rag to dry your brushes

    12) Cotton buds


    • *A Water colour pencil similar to your main colour of your painting - we do not recommend you use a normal HB pencil or coloured pencils.


    We recommend that after a period of approximately a week of completing the WHOLE painting - that is AFTER Session 2 - you apply two coats of varnish to your painting to lock in the colours and protect it from dust.

    IMPORTANT TIP: We suggest you use spray-on acrylic clear varnish as the first coat of varnish to cover the artwork. Using a spray varnish will prevent any movement of paint which could happen if varnish is applied with a paint brush.

    ** Art Painting Kits available:

    Option 1 $95~ made up of a selection of acrylic paints, brushes, palette knives, 2x canvas boards size 30cm x 40cm. The cost includes postage and packaging, Please allow for 2 weeks delivery, OR

    Option2 $115~ made up of a selection of acrylic paints (same paints as Option 1), brushes, palette knives with the difference being this pack includes 2x stretched thin edge canvases

    ~The cost includes postage and packaging. Please allow for2 weeks delivery,

    WEBINAR Paint Your Pet Session 1 of 2 - Fun, Interactive ON-LINE Art Class image

    If you are accessing the webinar from your mobile phone, you will likely need to download the Zoom app ahead of time.

    The link to attend the session will be sent to you 48 hours before the event.

    Please do not share this link with attendees who have not registered and purchased a ticket. A waiting room is activated as part of the art experience, so access to unknown attendees will not be allowed.

    WEBINAR Paint Your Pet Session 1 of 2 - Fun, Interactive ON-LINE Art Class image

    Image by kaboompics on Pixabay

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