The Goal Post Power Sessions - First Wednesday of every month

The Goal Post Power Sessions - First Wednesday of every month

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The Goal Post Power Sessions - First Wednesday of every month

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The Goal Post Power Sessions - 2022

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Choice and Decision are the two powerful tools you can ever find.

This is another gold nugget offered to you to lead an authentic life and yet be an achiever – The Goal POST Power Sessions

The objective of “The Goal Post Power Seesions” is to empower you to live with Authenticity aligned to your Values.

We often measure success in goals achieved, but consider an alternative definition of success: living according to your values – something you could do in any given moment.

When we think about HOW we want to live our life, we are focusing on values.

Values are like a compass that keep us headed in a desired direction and are distinct from goals. Goals are the specific ways you intend to execute your values.

A goal is something that we aim for and check off once we have accomplished it.

Being responsible is a value. Owning a home is a goal. You can engage in responsible behavior each day that may lead to achieving your goal and continue to live that value even after you have achieved the goal.

Goals that flow from values are inherently more meaningful and more likely to be achieved than those picked at random or those selected because you think you should focus on them.

Take the goal of losing weight. What is behind this goal? Is it because you value fitness or self-care or taking on challenges? Or is it because of social and peer pressure that make you feel bad?

Understanding the value behind a goal allows you to make choices and engage in behaviors in any moment that are in line with what you have determined is important to YOU. When the goal lacks a value behind it, then the only measure of success becomes achievement.

Zoom in and Zoom out of the lens between values and goals to ensure you see the whole picture.

Living in alignment with your values empowers you to live with authenticity.

So, if you are interested in living a life aligned to your values and be successful in your personal and professional life, join The Goal POST Power sessions every first Wednesday of the month.

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Phone : 61 426 466 126

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Manna Abraham

Andrew Keating

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