Participating in Australia's carbon markets to meet corporate climate goals

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2020 Virtual Seminar Series | Participating in Australia's carbon markets to meet corporate climate goals

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A virtual interactive seminar series has been designed to assist in developing your company’s strategy with an in-depth look at Australia’s carbon market and how the corporate sector is engaging with emissions reductions and carbon offset markets. These seminars are ideal for participants looking to increase their knowledge on the latest carbon market and climate policy developments and to better understand the market engagement opportunities available.

Whether you are new to carbon markets and seeking to engage for the first time or currently active in carbon markets, these seminars will:

  • explain how carbon markets can be used to support you to meet your climate goals;
  • detail the types of units and certificates available and current market dynamics;
  • highlight possible carbon procurement/trading strategies and;
  • introduce you to some of the key industry players active in this space.

Series 1 - Carbon Market Information

A. International Market Developments

[Friday 26 June]

An in-depth look at developments and activity in international carbon markets, including supply and demand dynamics in international units, voluntary market corporate trends and key drivers, specific industry developments, the Paris Agreement and Article 6 market implications in the lead up to COP26.

B. Supply & Demand Dynamics in the Domestic Market

[Friday 3 July]

Information and insights from the CER’s most recent Quarterly Carbon Market Report with data on the supply and demand for ACCUs and LGCs, renewable energy market updates and trends and opportunities that may inform future market decisions.

C & D. Market Opportunities in State Schemes & Initiatives

A two-part series focused on market-related state-based policies and initiatives, and opportunities for organisations to engage in local developments and programs at the state level.

  • Part 1: Queensland & New South Wales [Friday 10 July]
  • Part 2: Western Australia, Victoria & South Australia [Friday 17 July]

E. Market Supply & Australia’s Carbon Farming Industry

[Friday 24 July]

A look at how the supply side in Australia’s carbon market operates. This will include market intelligence from project developers active in carbon farming projects and engaging in partnerships with landholders to progress opportunities in Australia’s carbon farming industry.

Series 2 - Carbon Market Strategy, Trading & Procurement

A. The Business Case for Emissions Reductions & Setting Climate Goals

[Friday 14 August]

An in-depth look at key developments and trends in the corporate sector, highlighting business leadership and opportunities in the transition to a net-zero economy, and key things to consider when planning and developing a carbon management strategy.

B. Engaging in Domestic Carbon & Energy Markets

[Friday 21 August]

Market perspectives and insights from experienced brokers and traders on the practical elements of engaging in Australia’s carbon and energy markets. This seminar will specifically be focussed on ACCUs, LGCs and other eligible units being traded by Australian corporate entities as part of their corporate climate strategy, as well as the role of renewable energy.

C. Engaging in International Carbon Markets

[Friday 28 August]

Market perspectives and insights from experienced brokers and traders currently active in the international offset market (including CERs, VERs, VCUs) and how the long-term international landscape is developing. This seminar will address key things to consider for organisations in Australia where international units form part of their long-term procurement and corporate climate strategy.


Attending this seminar series will provide:

  • Critical foundation knowledge on carbon markets;
  • Information on market supply and demand dynamics, and important compliance, regulatory and policy developments;
  • An understanding of carbon offset procurement/trading strategies, including the use and acquisition of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) and other eligible offset units for corporate climate goals;
  • An overview of how carbon market solutions can reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint and related climate risks;
  • An outline of the additional benefits that investment in carbon farming, nature-based solutions and other emissions reduction activities can have beyond your carbon footprint;
  • An opportunity to connect with current and future market participants, industry experts, market regulators and key government representatives.

Each seminar will feature presentations from the Carbon Market Institute, the Clean Energy Regulator and other expert market participants. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with presenters and ask questions during the Q&A components of the seminars, which will be delivered using the Microsoft Teams Live Events platform.

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