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494 Bell St

494 Bell Street

Pascoe Vale South, VIC 3044


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Oz Kink Fest Intensive Workshop Weekend

22nd/223rd September 2018

50 workshops over 2 days and you get to choose 6 from the amazing variety of topics!

If you have not purchased a pass you cannot book these workshops!

Tickets: $205 pre-sale only for the WORKSHOP WEEKEND
Oz Kink Fest VIP Pass $290 (Access to ALL events)
Members Oz Kink Fest VIP Pass $270 (Access to ALL events)
One Day workshop Pass 3 workshops only

There are only 100 places in this weekend of workshops and you need to purchase a workshop pass for the whole weekend.

What does my Workshop pass get me?

A choice of 6 workshops over 2 days…Entry to Klub Kunst Stay and Play Party on the Saturday Night. A unique opportunity to learn and socialise in an amazing venue.

The weekend starts on Saturday 22nd September 2018 at 12 noon
There will be 8 workshops running consecutively 3 times
It will follow by a stay and play party in this amazing fully equipped venue which is included in your weekend workshop pass

And continuing on Sunday 23rd September which commences at 11 am and there will be 8 workshops running consecutively 3 times

We have payment options available upon request so please email to arrange yours - a small deposit and a payment plan can be arranged or by emailing

***The workshop schedule is subject to change every effort will be made to deliver the program as advertised however we retain the right to make changes

Saturday 22nd September

Stream 1

12 Noon - 2.00

Presenter Topic

Bob Rubel (Dr. Bob) The Rules of Engagement: Influence vs authority in structured relationships

Intimiate Horizons Introduction to Sensory Deprivation Mummification

Unruly Nerd Girl Luxury Lifestyle Submission - 101 class on domestic service submission

Jaiden Lilith The Wonderful Art of Genital Torture - For Ladies and Gents

Sparx & Emerald Running into Suspensions

SurJack Spanking

Sprout & Bean Yoga for riggers and rope sluts

Precipice Ethical BDSM - Consent and beyond

MistyLatex Strap ons and Anal fisting for beginners

Stream 2

2.30 - 4.30

Presenter Topic

Bob Rubel (Dr. Bob) Did you Hear What I Didn’t Say? Exploring communication strategies

Intimate Horizons Heavy Sensory Deprivation - Mummification

Sprout & Bean Yoga for Safe, Sane and Consensual play

Tokyo Catheters and Sounds

Sparx & Emerald Motion and Movement Part 1

Jeremy Shub Open Relationships/Poly/Ethical nonmonogamy

Mistress Electra Domination

Precipice Mindgames (Mindfucks)

MistyLatex Vagina fisting- making it nice

Stream 3

5.00 - 7.00

Presenter Topic

Bob Rubel (Dr. Bob) The Emperor’s New Clothes: Tailoring BDSM roles to fit you

Jaiden Lilith Rough Body Play

Mistress Mynx Latex Fetish Yoga

Tokyo CBT

Sparx & Emerald Motion and Movement Part 2

Jeremy Shub Asking for what you want

Mistress Electra Domination

Precipice The delicate sadist

MistyLatex Strap ons and Anal fisting for beginners

Sunday 23rd September

Stream 4

11 am - 1 pm

Presenter Topic

Bob Rubel (Dr. Bob) The Forever Fairytale: Stabilizing power-imbalanced relationships

Tokyo Heavy Sensory Deprivation

Anne O Nomis Ancient Domination & Sex Rituals

Bingo Beginners Japanese Shibari

Jeremy Shub Consent and boundaries

Sparks & Emerald Class Kinbaku – To tie with feeling

Precipice Power exchange relationships for the modern world

Mistress Mynx Stretch and Strengthen your Kink

Unruly Nerd Girl Luxury Lifestyle Submission - 101 class on domestic service submission

Stream 5

2.00pm - 4.00 pm

Presenter Topic

Bob Rubel (Dr. Bob) Pitfalls and Cataclysms: A survivalists’ guide for authority-imbalanced relationships

Tokyo Caning & Corporal Punishment

Mistress Electra Domination

Intimate Horizons Introduction to Sensory Deprivation

Bingo Intermediate Japanese Shibari

Jeremy Shub Asking for what you want

Sparks & Emerald Performance Rope

Precipice Building a Scene

SurJack Spanking

Stream 6

4.30 - 6.30

Presenter Topic

Bob Rubel (Dr. Bob) Ties That Bind: Using protocols to strengthen/enhance your relationship

Mistress Electra Domination

Anne O Nomis Corporal and Judicial punishment: Tradition & practice

Tokyo TBA

Bingo Shibari Jam

Intimate Horizons Heavy Sensory Deprivation

Sparks & Emerald Pleasure in Pain

Precipice Mindgames (Mindfucks)

SurJack Heavy Impact / Flogging

Workshop Presenters Weekend Intensives

Robert J (Dr. Bob) Rubel PhD (USA)

Dr. Bob, an author, educator and photographer is an educational sociologist and researcher by training. He currently has a dozen books in print plus two DVDs (Books: three on Master/slave topics, two on BDSM mastery, one on communication strategies, two on advanced sex techniques, one on fire play, and three erotic art photo books. Additionally, he has produced two educational DVDs: one on fire play and one on beginning impact play).

Recipient of the 2008 Pantheon of Leather's Community Choice Award (man), Dr. Bob has been involved in the BDSM and Total Power Exchange (TPE) scenes since the summer of 2001, throwing himself into the literature of the field as though it were an academic study. He presents, judges, and sells his books at weekend kink conferences throughout the year.

“The Rules of Engagement: Influence vs authority in structured relationships”

There are interesting differences in the “rules of engagement” between ways that Master/slave structures start out and are maintained with the Leather and BDSM cultures. Some of these differences play out in language, intent, and protocols, while other differences play out in the expectations couples have of their M/s dynamic. This discussion is designed to help M/s couples clarify their own relationships in order to help them focus on the same core issues/values. (NOTE: attendees may wish to take notes.)

“Did you Hear What I Didn’t Say? Exploring communication strategies”

This class explores common communication upsets.

Relationships in our BDSM community are often more complex than marriages. Couples are often new to one another and new to the new D/s “rules” and expectations. “Stuff” can disrupt clear communication. When communications get into trouble, the relationship gets into trouble.

This workshop covers some “out-of-the-box” communication issues. We’ll discuss many topics that are often hidden, such as how we communicate love, how time may be different for each partner, how upbringing may affect your current relationship, how we process information, and so forth.

Many tips and techniques are easy to explain and to learn and provide eye-opening insights about ways you and your partner(s) communicate love. Similarly, couples/triads/etc often collide over issues that are not at all obvious to either party. (NOTE: you might wish to bring pen and paper.)

**Our Book Supporting this Presentation: Is THAT what they meant? A book of practical communication insights. Red Eight Ball Press, 2016

“The Emperor’s New Clothes: Tailoring BDSM roles to fit you”

Certain words can help you understand your general relationship direction. Come explore.

This class will reexamine authority-based relationships. We’ll go over some confusing definitions and preconceptions to try to make some sense of our culture.

In our world, we’re told that there are Tops and bottoms, Dominants and submissives, Masters and slaves, and Owners and property. While some fit pretty easily into those roles, others find that they don’t fit so comfortably into popularly accepted descriptions of these roles. If you’re finding that popular role definitions aren’t serving your needs as a couple, come to this class and explore ways of blending a bit of D/M and a bit of s/s to enhance/enrich the possibilities in your relationship. After all, what we do is about relationship first and SM second, right? (Oh, and we’ll be discussing various general ways of interacting between the D-type and the s-type, including working with dominant slaves.)

“The Forever Fairytale: Stabilizing power-imbalanced relationships for your “Happy Ever After.” “

Long-term authority-imbalanced relationships are not accidental; they require thoughtful planning and ongoing work. Without the work, relationships get into trouble. Some areas are subtle and require thought and work: you may not think of them on your own. This class is for those interested in considering options for structuring (or restructuring) their relationship. (NOTE: attendees may wish to take notes.)

“Pitfalls and Cataclysms: A survivalists’ guide for authority-imbalanced relationships”

This class is about grappling with some important (and often overlooked) responsibilities in a power-imbalanced relationship.

Certain words describe concepts that in turn describe key aspects of power-imbalanced relationships (Owner/property, Master/slave, Dominant/submissive, etc). When there is disagreement between the D-type and the s-type regarding these concepts or how to fulfill them, destabilizing stresses begin to surface. Topics include: management issues; decision-making; love in relation to obedience and punishment; fear; punishment and punishment systems; and service. This interactive session will explore some of these elements in an effort to reveal ways to ensure and sustain a stable relationship. (NOTE: attendees may wish to take notes.)

“Ties That Bind: Using protocols to strengthen/enhance your relationship”

This class is suitable for those new to our culture.

How much better would your relationship be if the Leader clearly communicated their version of a “perfect life” so you knew what you needed to do? How much better would your relationship be if the follower knew what to follow?

Protocols are an outgrowth of your values. Some “standard responses” are tried-and-true, some you’ll have to create to suit your own relationship. You can create protocols that support your own version of a magical world and you can create protocols that solve challenges. For example, you can create a protocol that addresses “getting back into Master or slave headspace after a long day at work.” Protocols can also be used to help stabilize relationships that are being pulled back to the land of vanillas.

We’ll discuss practical protocols: attendees will have the opportunity to ask for help designing protocols to fit their particular needs. (NOTE: attendees may wish to take notes.)

***Our Book Supporting this Presentation: Master/slave Mastery—Protocols: Focusing the intent of your relationship (Red Eight Ball Press, 2016)


Shigonawa Bingo-san (Japan)

Shigonawabingo san co-runs the traditional Japanese rope-play bars -UBU- and -mitsu- in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo with Yoi Yoshida san, and teaches not only theory and practice, but also the etiquette and philosophy of Kinbaku. He is a friendly and encouraging individual who has taken traditional rope and experimented to refine and improve ties for erotic SM use and has become one of the leading lights of the Japanese Bakushi scene.

“I do not have the word ‘practice’ in my Kinbaku. It is always the real thing. Aim your skills, your technique, and your mind to what you can do for your rope bottom. Please always do Kinbaku as the real thing. Do it, do it, and do it again. Just keep on doing it, succeed with it, fail with it, and then practice again and again. It is only repetition that makes you really understand. Kinbaku is such a profound and enjoyable thing. But, if you cannot explain what you are doing, it means that you have not understood it. You can understand more deeply and find new things by teaching to someone else. Basically, Kinbaku begins by copying, but you cannot develop your own uniqueness unless you have understood the original.”

Kinbaku / Japanese Shibari

For the beginner

Kinbaku / Japanese Shibari


Rope Jam

Combined skills from class 1 & 2


Mistress Tokyo

"Sounds and Catheters on Cis-Men"

Urethral play can be a very sexy scene. Imagine having your cis-cock penetrated - just like any other orifice - with a hard-shiny smooth piece of cold medical steel! Or a urinary catheter tracing all the way into your bladder, giving you the unequivocal feeling of helplessness that comes with feeling urine drain out of you?

Invasive procedures like these enforce a sub’s feeling of vulnerability - but shouldn't increase their feeling of a lack of safety. Sounding is one of the most potentially injurious activities in CBT and a urinary catheter introduces the risk of bladder infection - but I’ll show you how to negotiate both these scenes safely and cleanly.

"Caning and Corporal punishment"

Love the sound of that unmistakable swish of the cane through the air as the scene starts? Is there a more scarey sound for those who should fear "Six of the Best"? Do you relish leaving perfectly aligned tram track marks on your sub's bottom?

If you want to know what I've learned over the years of discipline using a cane, then this workshop is the chance for you to learn what I know! We'll cover things like how to warm up, different striking techniques and how to structure of a scene so that you can get the best our of yourself, whether you are Top or bottom!

Please note, this workshop will be a practical demonstration of caning skill and will not include a hands-on element for attendees.

“Heavy Sensory Deprivation”


Jaiden Lillith & AmirahKitsune

Jaiden Lillith is a gender fluid ProDom/me and artist based in Sydney. A gifted, creative and imaginative performer, artist and player of games, s/he brings their own darkly sensual eroticism to a range of BDSM activities.

AmirahKitsune is a cheeky but dedicated sub and rope model, who enjoys many forms of play, including rope suspension.


Genital Torture, CBT, these words can arouse or terrify... and many people would love to try it but don't know where to start or are afraid of causing permanent injury. This workshop can show you how to get started, with a range of techniques ranging from the physical to the psychological.

Participation not required, but definitely encouraged.

“Rough Body Play”

Sometimes we like it rough! Learning how to play rough with your partner is fun and cam be incredibly therapeutic. We will teach you techniques that we have learnt to do this safely and also the psychological effects and arousal that come about through this visceral and hands on workshop.

This workshop will require a lot of space and physical activity. Participation is essential!

“Rope, Connection and Music”

The art of dynamic tying and using music to help your flow and feeling, as well as how to connect with your partner. Whether it's the simplest of cuffs or the most complex suspensions, you'll learn how to take your rope bondage to whole new levels.

Participation is not required however it will help!


Sparx & Emerald (SA)

Sparks and Emerald are a couple from Adelaide Australia, who together study and practice the art of Japanese rope bondage known as shibari. Their dynamic performances are sure to captivate, excite, surprise and electrify any audience. These two have a strong connection together, which can be easily seen through their rope and is the very thing they love most about shibari.

Having studied both locally and travelling to learn from some of the world’s best riggers, Sparks has a wide knowledge base. He considers rope as a tool used to play with his partner, whether for a sensual connection, electrifying display or in a more sadistic manner.

As educators at Adelaide Rope Space, Sparks and Emerald take pride in passing on knowledge and watching people progress and better themselves. Sparks has a very down to earth approach to teaching with an excellent ability to problem solve. This accompanied by Emeralds modelling tips and techniques allows their students to get the most they can in improving their skills.

“Kinbaku – To tie with feeling”

It’s one thing to learn rope patterns and master pathways, it’s another to learn how to use those same ropes to convey feeling, emotion, and communicate with our partner. In this workshop we dive into some of the techniques that can be used to ‘tie with feeling’, and how to use them practically when we tie. From sensual, to rough, to humiliation, these are just some of the ways we can connect and play through rope.

Skill level: ALL

Bring: 4 rope hanks (8m lengths) Minimum

“Performance Rope”

Performing is a whole new level and a big step as both rigger and model. This workshop will go over how to put together and build a performance. We will talk about the ways to prepare and get ready for a performance from weeks in advance to moments before. Helpful hints and techniques on how to settle the mind and produce a captivating performance. And then have a chance to put those into practice as we build a mini performance in class.

Skill level: ALL

Bring: paper, pen/pencil, 3 rope hanks (8m lengths)

“Pleasure in Pain”

For those of us who find pleasure in either side of the more sadistic side of things. Learn how to pull and twist the body into shape whilst causing pain and suffering in a controlled and calculated fashion.

Skill: Intermediate/Advanced

Bring: 7 rope hanks (8m lengths) minimum

Required: 2 rope TK

“Running into Suspensions”

Whether you’re looking to get into suspension or are already achieving lift off. Together we will go through some fundamental things to look for and be aware of when we suspend, From harnesses, up lines, body mechanics and safety. Hone skills and learn new tools to put in the rigging toolbox as we then have the chance to build some positions in the air.

Skill: Beginner/Intermediate

Bring: 8 rope hanks (8m lengths) minimum

Suspension gear (ring/carabiners etc)

Required: 3 rope TK

“Motion and Movement Part 1”

Dynamic suspensions are both exciting, and complicated. Learn some key tools on how to work through dynamic suspensions with safety and precision. This advanced class will see our models bend and rotate like puppets in the strings of Shibari.

Skill: Intermediate/Advanced

Bring: 10 rope hanks (8m lengths) minimum

Suspension gear (ring/carabiners etc)

Required: 3 rope TK, suspension experience

“Motion and Movement Part 2”

The continuation of part 1

Skill: Intermediate/Advanced

Bring: 10 rope hanks (8m lengths) minimum

Suspension gear (ring/carabiners etc)

Required: 3 rope TK, suspension experience, Motion and Movement part 1


Jeremy Shub

Jeremy is an experienced facilitator, educator and counsellor. Jeremy uses He They pronouns. They identify as queer, kinky, poly and pansexual. Jeremy loves to flirt, with all kinds of people, with nature, with food and with himself. Jeremy has just completed his Masters of Sexual Health at Sydney University. They work as a counsellor for a LGBTIQ Health service and are passionate about the field of human sexuality and relationships. Jeremy is strongly committed to providing spaces that are diverse, radically inclusive and consensually safe. He is currently writing a book called Sex Positive Now - an anthology of leaders in the field of human sexuality. Jeremy loves to hold safe space for people to explore their wishes, desires and to learn about themselves a profound way.

“Open Relationships/Poly/Ethical nonmonogamy”

This workshop will cover; introducing alternative relationship styles, ethical considerations, relationship conflicts and possible 'first aid'. There will a short information component, a section of open sharing on specific topics and some exercises in pairs.

“Consent and boundaries”

This workshop explains The Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin, a critical tool for understanding consent. We will do some exercises in pairs and have a group conversation. This will be all kink flavoured.

“Asking for what you want”

This workshop will initially explore why people don't ask for their needs. Then we will do some exercises to experience 'safe rejection'. The participants will be led in considering what they really want and practising ways of asking for that.



Precipice is as a Dominant, sadist, rigger, performer, educator and the owner of a wonderfully evil mind. With a specific focus on the mental aspects of BDSM, Precipice employs a range of tools and techniques to elicit the desired response from his partners. While his interests are varied - ranging from mind games to impact, medical play to D/s - he has a particular passion for rope, which has seen him become heavily involved in the Australian rope community.

As a rigger, Precipice has studied both locally and in Japan, and is constantly working to further his own abilities, while also sharing his resultant knowledge and skills with others. With a clean and methodical style, focusing on dynamic suspension, and combining subtle mental techniques, Precipice uses rope to capture both body and mind.

Based out of Studio Kink Sydney, as an educator, Precipice has made sharing his knowledge a central part of his kink lifestyle. With two years as an Instructor at the Sydney Rope Dojo under his belt in 2015 Precipice co-founded and began teaching at Studio Kink. He has extensive experience teaching weekly classes and weekend workshops across a variety of subjects and at a range of levels. Teaching and performing has also taken him further afield, with his distinctive style of both play and education being appreciated across Australia and New Zealand.

As a lifestyle dominant, Precipice is actively engaged in D/s relationships. He is an active part of the Power Exchange community having previously served as the Co-founding Assistant Director for MAsT: Sydney.

“Ethical BDSM - Consent and beyond”

Ethics in BDSM play goes beyond a simple transaction of content. There seems to be so many versions of what it is that we do and many different understandings about what consent is.

In BDSM we use a few different devices to ensure safer play practices but when it comes to playing with the games we do sometimes device doesn’t just seem to cut it.

Safe, sane & Consensual, Risk Aware Consensual Kink, informed consent, blanket consent. Negotiation tick sheets, Acronyms, discussions, mediations all of them trying to make it safer for both Top and Bottom to play and recover from play in a healthy and safe way.

This workshop will focus on practical ways of engaging in ethical BDSM activities and relationships.

Required knowledge: none

Level: all

Participant Requirements: none

“Mindgames (Mindfucks)”

I see you shiver with antici...pation. The mind is the biggest erogenous zone.

There is an art to mindfucks. Playing off expectations, building anticipation, planting red herrings and creating distractions.

How do you get a fear response with someone who trusts you with their safety? How do you surprise someone who has seen it all before? How do you explore those deep dark places that are impossible to really visit?

This class will discuss what a mindfuck is, how to play with them, safety precautions as well as plenty of tips, tricks and ideas to either get you started or give you a little something extra up your sleeve.

Building a Scene

There is an art to having a scene that leaves everyone involved (even those just watching) a blissful mess.

So much goes into the experience. No matter if it is planned or spontaneous, there are common elements to those memorably great scenes. This class looks at what goes into making a great scene and how you can reuse those elements to take your BDSM play to the next level.

In this class Precipice will teach you how to build a scene that will be the stuff of warm and fuzzy memories long into the future.

No partner, or experience, is required for this class - though feel free to bring both along!

Required knowledge: none

Level: all

Participant Requirements: none

“The delicate sadist”

Maximum impact, minimum effort.

It is easy for a top to tire themselves by using bigger toys and hitting harder. What about people who want to play for longer. Or how about those without the physical stamina to outlast their bottom. Maybe you just want the joy of being seen to be effortless in inflicting pain.

Using mental, mechanical and scene building techniques, this workshop will show both tops and bottoms how to get the most ouch out of the least physical effort.

Required knowledge: none

Level: all

Participant Requirements: none

“Power exchange relationships for the modern world”

Contemporary D/s

Power Exchange is hot! The giving and taking of power. The protocols, etiquette and ritual... the scantily clad submissives... Unfortunately, we are not all persons of leisure, landed gentry, who can engage in the fantasy all day while supporting another person.

Often when people think of power exchange relationships they think of contracts, Gorean slave positions and relationships modelled on those from past centuries. While it can be fun to draw on these for inspiration, it can be fulfilling and liberating to let go the stereotypes and traditions of the past and make new ones that fit in with the modern world.

Working 9 to 5 makes living 24/7 a challenge.

In this discussion Precipice will talk about overcoming challenges to make both long and short-term power exchange relationships work in a contemporary setting. From a single scene through to a fulltime relationship we will explore practical methods of exchanging power.

Required knowledge: none

Level: all

Participant Requirements: none

“Building a Scene”

There is an art to having a scene that leaves everyone involved (even those just watching) a blissful mess.

So much goes into the experience. No matter if it is planned or spontaneous, there are common elements to those memorably great scenes. This class looks at what goes into making a great scene and how you can reuse those elements to take your BDSM play to the next level.

Without focusing on a specific type of play. This class will explore skills that can be applied to amplify the fun/connection/intensity of any BDSM activity.

In this class Precipice will teach you how to build a scene that will be the stuff of warm and fuzzy memories long into the future.

Required knowledge: none

Level: all

Participant Requirements: none


Sprout and Bean Yoga

Kate is an experienced Yoga teacher who is passionate about bringing the benefits of Yoga to all. With qualifications in a broad range of Yoga trainings, Kate specialises in tailoring Yoga to make it accessible. With experience in offering Yoga for Mental health to several ‘at risk’ groups, Kate has a knack for teaching complex concepts in easy to digest ways.

“Yoga for riggers and rope sluts”

A 60 minute Yoga class, aimed at all levels. This class will warm up and stretch the shoulders and upper back. We will also release tension, often caused by stress, that resides here. We also work on core strength and stability, a complete class to allow our bodies to be prepared for the endurance required for rope.

“Yoga for Safe, Sane and Consensual play”

Over 60 minutes we warm up the body, moving the joints and building heat in the muscles. Then we draw our focus inward as the second half of the class is constructed of longer held poses, each one focused on drawing our intentions to the chakras. We work with the root, sacral and throat energies to draw out our sense of security, connection, creativity, sexuality and last but not least, our voice. All levels.


Intimate Horizons

Hailing from Rome, Elisa has been a linchpin of the growing polyamory community in Rome before moving to Sydney in 2015. An experienced kinkster, Elisa has worked as a pro-domme in both her old home and new. Since moving to Sydney, she has opened new avenues into tantra and body awareness practices, and is excited to share her story and experiences with you!

Dan is an American origin backpacker-cum-wildman with a passion for alternative lifestyle options. Dan's passions include dance, travel, writing, Japanese rope bondage and general kink, and he has been hosting workshops at festivals and Venues since 2016.

“Introduction to Sensory Deprivation”

The first class is a 101/intro to mindfulness, negotiation, and technique for sensory deprivation. We will lead the class through discussions with their partners on the type of sensory deprivation experience they want to give and receive, then provide ideas on how to fulfil these requests as the participants play together in a monitored environment.

“Advanced Sensory Deprivation – Mummification”

The second class will be a 201/skill-up into mummification techniques to be used in conjunction with the skillset from the first class. We will go over mummification techniques, including the use of a latex vacuum bag, gladwrap, and sticky tape.


Unruly Nerd Girl

UnrulyNerdGirl was drawn to the BDSM lifestyle in her early twenties and hasn't looked back since. She enjoys being part of various leather loving communities around the globe, looking for munches and events whenever she might travel. When expressing her luxury lifestyle submissive side, she enthusiastically delights in living her passion, and always curious to learn something new.

Given her love of silverware, cuisine, and a crisp linen collar, it was no surprise that UnrulyNerdGirl (UNG) fell in love with Domestic Service submission (aka Luxury Lifestyle submission). After over 20 years of exploring and growing in the D\s lifestyle, she finally found a submissive outlet that felt true to her, and she hopes to share her knowledge and experience with others. It is her hope to both inspire and be inspired by others who have a love for this facet of submission.

“Luxury Lifestyle Submission”

Are you new to the domestic service side of submission, or perhaps looking to expand on what you already offer or receive? Are you searching for a dynamic of D/s where your skills and talents might be parlayed into a demonstration of your dedication to a negotiated power exchange? This introductory workshop on luxury lifestyle service is geared for both Dominants/Tops and submissives/bottoms alike.

A basics, 101 class on domestic service submission. Topics include:

What is Service Submission?

Reasons for Being a Service Submissive or for Offering Service?

What are the Benefits – for the Top, for the Bottom?

Types of Service Submissives

How to Become a Service Submissive

How to Offer, Accept, Request and Decline Service

Advice for the Single/Unowned Service Submissive

Basic Kit



Master Jack has been in the public BDSM scene for over a dozen years. In that time, he's researched and implemented new and exciting forms of play to the scene in both Australia and New Zealand. He further developed wax play into an artistic form. Master Jack can often be found out and about doing what he does best, pushing boundaries and perceptions and playing hard in the BDSM scene


“Advanced Impact Play”

"The Tale Of Two Floggers" Well not really, I use over a dozen floggers, several canes, paddles, straps, quirts, whips and various other weapons of mass destruction.

This skillshare offers a tapis coving Advanced/heavy impact play with numerous toys and techniques covered. Master Jack and his partner, lover and slave saffireblue will be only too pleased to advise, discuss and help anyone with just about anything. If you would like to participate in the practical side of this workshop then its advisable to bring along your own bottom/crash test dummy/


Mistress Mynx

Mistress Mynx is the kinkiest Personal Trainer in Melbourne. Mynx has been a part of the bdsm/kink community in Melbourne for over 15 years. Mynx is a qualified trained pilates, yoga, Trigger Point Performance and meditation teacher working in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Many of her clients are from the kink scene.

Mynx has conducted with much success a Pilates/Stretch workshop for bondage enthusiasts as well as Wellness workshops in the mainstream fitness industry.

As a lifestyle and professional Mistress, she will definitely bring a knowledgeable and sharp-witted edge to her workshops.

“Latex Fetish Yoga”

A gummy kinky class to heighten your senses and mobilise your body. Wear your favourite latex and lube up aplenty for this flowing sensual session. Suits anyone who is seeking to explore Yoga inspired Fetish movement wearing latex, shiny lycra/pvc.

Participant Equipment List – Latex, Lube & Yoga mat

“Stretch and Strengthen your Kink”

Is your body’s endurance, strength or flexibility holding you back from enjoying your kink, Fetish or play? A learning discussion group where ideas/tips and safety knowledge will be shared. Through core stability movements and Pilates, yoga and releasing poses, build an understanding of how to move your body with more ease. Improve your play and last the distance more safely and effectively. Who doesn’t want that?

Yoga/Pilates for bondage enthusiasts and kinksters”

A flowing class that guides you through yoga and pilates, inspiring movements that will leave you open and refreshed for the rest of the festival. Options given.

Participant Equipment- yoga mat



Misty's bio updated 2018- Passionate about her kink education, the move to Melbourne was a natural fit in seeking new teachings, Misty started as a rope bottom, with encouragement from many teachers, senior mistresses and other kinkers, Misty started her apprenticeship at Fetish House in 2010. She has been a professional dominatrix for 8 years.

Previously she has performed in the Montreal Fetish weekend in Canada, worked with Serious Bondage in San Fransisco and play professionally in London. Last year she spoke on a podcast series "The theory of Objects" with The Weekend Australian Magazine on the Australian newspaper. Misty love scuba diving and she is a professional scuba master. Grateful for the many teachers in kink, Misty would make sure new comers are welcomed in a way that has become customary at Ozkink festival.
When she’s not away diving or creating session to help individual exploring their own sexuality, you can find her barefoot at a yoga studio.

Strap ons and Anal fisting for beginners.
We will discuss anatomy, what are the risk of Strap ons and anal fisting, risk management. We will talk through negotiations, consent, warm ups and lubes and tools required. Everything you need to have for a successful fisting/pegging.

Vagina fisting- making it nice.
This class is design to inform/ empower the curious. Why should I consider this? Is it safe? Would I enjoy this? We will discuss common myths, questions and answers to demystify fisting.

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494 Bell St

494 Bell Street

Pascoe Vale South, VIC 3044


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