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Junction Staff Yoga

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Training room, 168 Greenhill Rd, Parkside

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*Private Event*
For Junction staff only

Tracey Dodd, Consultant to Junction from Adelaide University, has agreed to share her experiences in yoga with you for free. You will need to bring your own yoga mat.

Please read through the disclaimer below regarding your responsibilities before attending sessions

Health & Safety

It is my responsibility to consult with a physician regarding my participation in any yoga class or workshop. I represent and warrant that I am physically fit and have no psychological, medical or emotional condition that would prevent me from safe participation in any yoga class/workshop.

I acknowledge that it is not the duty of teachers, instructors or staff to advise whether a yoga practice is safe for me. This is to be discussed with a health professional before attending class and it is my duty to seek professional health advice before training with teachers, instructors or staff and they are in no way capable of giving such professional advice.

I acknowledge that the Yoga teacher is not a health professional, and is not giving professional health or medical advice nor does she hold herself out to be. I also acknowledge that they cannot and will not give health advice and I am aware that the teacher has undertaken only basic and limited training in regards to the anatomy, physiology and workings of the human body.

I am aware, and acknowledge, that the Yoga teacher/instructor may not be an accredited personal trainer, fitness professional or certified yoga instructor and is merely sharing their experiences from the practices of yoga.

I acknowledge that if I feel any discomfort or stress at any time, it is my duty to rest at any time. I also acknowledge that I voluntarily participate in Yoga activities, such as classes and workshops and I am free to stop and rest at any time. I acknowledge that if a health or medical concern happens after this Yoga session it will be discussed with a doctor before attending further classes, workshops or training.

Assumption of Risk

I acknowledge that even with clear instruction, there is a possibility of personal injury associated with participating in the activities such as yoga classes and programs offered. I am fully aware of and accept the inherent risk associated with any rigorous exercise program, including any Yoga class or workshop and I fully understand that it is my responsibility to take care of my body and rest when needed. I acknowledge that the floor can become slippery and have hazards such as yoga mats, blocks and straps. I accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards and the possibility of personal injury, damage or loss resulting therefrom.

Release and Waiver

I release, waive and discharge Junction, its directors, employees and instructors from any and all liability for any personal injury, loss, property damages or expense arising out of or sustained in the course of my participation in the activities and programs offered by Junction both on and off of the Junction premises as far as possible under Australian law.

I agree that Junction Australia, is not responsible in the event of loss, damage, unauthorized use, theft or injury resulting from and to any personal property that I bring onto the premises. I recognize that this Release and Waiver is a legal contract and that it is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by Australian law.

I have read this document carefully and I fully understand its contents and meaning. I recognize that by signing this document I am waiving certain legal rights, including the right to sue and I sign it of my own free will.

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Training room, 168 Greenhill Rd, Parkside

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