FULL DAY - INTENSIVE Helen Parry Jones Healing & Clairvoyance Workshop....

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Melbourne Parkview Hotel

Boulevard Room 1

562 St. Kilda Road

Melbourne, VIC 3004


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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Very Intensive Full Day Workshop.

Utilising Auras, Chakras, Energy and Clairvoyance.

Limited 25 guests.

Morning (9,00am - 1,00pm):

Do you want to personally experience the profound effects of natural Healing Energies? Do you want to learn how to activate your own Self Healing? Are you willing to acknowledge & overcome physical illness?

During this intensive and intimate morning workshop, you will have the opportunity to discover some of your body’s dis-ease and malfunctions through ‘spiritual assessment’.

Thereafter, you will be directed into the medidative condition to individually receive and experience the deep Healing Energies, to promote positive change and improve wellbeing.

In conclusion, you will learn the ability to repeat this Healing experience at home, and take control of your positive energy.

Afternoon (2,30pm - 5,30pm):

Are you wanting to embrace the wisdom the Greater Consciousness? Are you seeking guidance on relationships, job opportunities, bereavement or communication with lost loved ones? Are you willing to open-up to an overwhelming experience and participate in emotional Healing through clairvoyance?

There is an emotional Healing within clairvoyance that helps us progress into a new receptive awareness.

Witness - Receive - Experience - An abundance of ‘survival evidence’, the catalyst for strong and positive emotional Healing.

Ticket Includes - 'Full Day Workshop'. Healthy lunch, morning and afternoon teas & nibbles. Complementary merchandise.

Cost - $470 + Booking fee.

Enquiries - helenparryjones@gmail.com

Strictly limited to a small group for personal attention. Max 25.


MORNING: 9,00am until 1,00pm

9,00am 'Registration & Morning Refreshments'

One hour to settle-in, 10am prompt start.

10,00am - 10 min: ‘Energy Healing - Introduction’

Helen talks about:

… … the reasonable expectations and effectiveness of Healing.

… … the diagnostic significance of the changing shapes and colours of the aura.

… … the position of the chakras and how they are used to channel Healing energy.

… … how she “sees” the full spectrum of dis-ease and dis-function within the body.

… … how she makes a “spiritual assessment” of emotional & physical conditions.

1hr 15min: ‘The Spiritual Assessment’

Helen offers to each guest individually, in the context group:

… … examines and opens the relevant chakras.

… … studies the aura and the physical body to offer a limited “spiritual assessment”.

… … demonstrates the delivery of positive and negative energy.

1hr 15min: ‘Spiritual Energy Healing’

Helen will:

… … relax you into the corrective receptive condition to receive Healing energies.

… … guide you through a series of visualising techniques for a deep mediation.

… … administer Healing to each guest individually, in the context of the group.

20 min: ‘Absent Healing Training - Q&A’

In conclusion:

… … a summing up of the mornings very intense Healing experience.

… … invite guests to ask questions and relay their experiences, feelings and changes.

… … taking home this “Healing Experience” to use regularly to enhance wellbeing.

LUNCH: Menu available on request.

AFTERNOON: 2,30pm untill 5,30pm.

1hr 30 min: ‘Interactive Clairvoyance’

Expectation of the Clairvoyance Experience:

  • An abundance of ‘survival evidence’ resulting in the full spectrum of emotional responses.
  • This is a group experience and should be enjoyed as such.
  • Helen will endeavour that everyone will be spoken to personally, but within the context of the group.
  • Strong and positive emotional healing can often take place.
  • Helen’s role is not to make your decisions, you must take legal and personal responsibilty of your own life-choices.
  • Question and Answer opportuity.

1hr 30 min: 'Personal Interaction'

The group can now individually interact informally with Helen to ask personal questions about the days experiences, about what they have learned and discovered. Simultaneously, complementary refreshments are served.

5,30pm 'Goodbyes'

Say farewell - Helen will give you a ‘goody-bag’


  • Helen’s first book “Hands of an Angel”
  • Helen’s Healing CD, with three Absent Healing meditations.
  • Absent Healing aids.
  • Personal mystery gift.


Age Restrictions?

Minimum age 18 years.

Enquiries and Queries?

Contact Helen: helenparryjones@gmail.com

Is this a private consultation?

No. This is a small group where you will receive guaranteed personal attention, but within a group environment.

Can I talk directly to Helen?

Yes. Throughout the day you will be given plenty of opportunity to talk directly with Helen.

I am a very private person, will this Workshop be appropriate for me?

For total privacy, you need to make a Private Consultation. However, Helen is very experienced and will filter any sensitive details and will constantly request your consent. As in any group situation, there is much to learn by sharing.

Will I be able to stop or alter my mediction?

No. The aim is to positively improve your wellbeing. Irrespective of how well you feel after the Workshop, do not change any prescribed medication unless advised to do so by your medical doctor.

Please note: Furthermore, Helen is a very progressed clairvoyant and clairaudient, meaning she ‘sees’ and ‘hears’ the Spiritual Dimension very clearly. However, spiritual communication is not a science and therefore Helen cannot guarantee specific outcome. Also, the quality of the delivery can be affected by many factors imposed consciously or unconsciously by the group. More importantly, the outcome and accuracy can be enhanced substantially where the individual recipient interacts with the full spectrum of emotion, and has a genuine loving and positive attitude. By attending this event, attendees agree to have sought the services provided of their own accord and understand that it is an holistic experiment and experience.

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Date and Time


Melbourne Parkview Hotel

Boulevard Room 1

562 St. Kilda Road

Melbourne, VIC 3004


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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