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Emerald, Vic 3782


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Hosted by The HELM Retreat in Emerald. An extraordinary invitation to escape the stresses of life in an idylic location with expansive views of the Dandenongs in one of Melbourne's premiere locations, rarely seen.

Live By Consent offers a uniquely vulnerable getaway of 24 hours of transformation & private Close the GAP Life & Business Coaching. You will finally create the map to bring you the elusive Life Work Balance we all search for in life.

You deserve;

An exclusive adventure to make savvy decsions that work, because they are authentic, satisfying, life giving and offer fulfilment and rewards!

How will you feel when you finally remove any limiting beliefs that have held you back? Maybe you long to step into your life & release more potential yet everyoine else thinks you are successful and doing fine.

Well what do you think? Do you sense there are hidden blocks and that you are not quite at peace and perhaps you can feel the disconnect but you don't know why!

We all benefit from a mirror to help us see solutions that have been hidden.

Everyone feels stuck sometimes, we can be frozen by grief, loss or patterned by trauma and continue on in our daily lives, icesingly overwhelmed with stress.

Do you know the feeling of loosing your breath when its time to speak up or feeling completely empty when its time to give? I remember when I was comfortable feeling uncomfortable inside. Simply it seamed harder to change. The truth has always been that we know what we want and we only hesitate when we are not certain of the path, certian of the roadmap to follow, when we do not know what the steps are to get from point A to B. Come knowing your point B...and we will take take of the rest.

I invite you to close this GAP in you own FIRST CLASS SOLO RETREAT.

Is it hard to accept the idea that you are worth it, well thats exactly why its time to reserve your VIP seat!

After this experience of unequalled luxury and restoration you will return Home with a clear road MAP and a new found capacity to decide in all the thigh pressure moments bring living wisdome that is good for you, good for others and good for the common good of your tribe. Within you is everything you need in order to move forward into your life with success & with fulfilment.

It begins with a phone call, then a re-treat and then together we can close the GAP on who you say you are and who you are actually being.

Your host Pru Marie will be available for your every need each step of the way, however this retreat is about YOU




A FIRST CLASS SOLO RETREAT is an intentional process to enthuse, encourage & equip you, inviting the travellor within you, to withdraw to a more favourable position.

Are you ready to getaway from a life that no longer fully serves you & make decisions thta your future self will thank you for?

MY GAP Year RETREATS are available to an exclusive few, who self select as being willing to re-evaluate their lives, gather data, strip back, speak up, act out, say yes, let go & enter the lull.

A travel companion will become one of the most valued people in your life, sharing a common language, purpose and meaning. Allow me to be your companion and deeply connect with you on your journey. Of course bringing your own companion with you opens wonderful doors for you both to experience ongoing support.

Your FIRST CLASS reservation is by interview only, through a Getaway call.

Booking your GETAWAY CALL

All Retreats are catered for by the HUSCK kitchen renowned for extraordinary flair for international cuisine & hospitality, HUSCK presents different foreign themes across morning, afternoon tea, seated lunch, dinner and tapas on the balcony.

The additional FIRST class accomodation package is a private GAP coaching journey for one guest selected for Solo Retreat. Pampered within a Spa immersion journey & released using the latest processes for transformation you will leave with the resources for lasting change.

Spa sessions are a complete immersion into deeper realms of the self a journey within intelligently designed soundscapes. A successful marriage between the islands of Java, Bali, Hawaii and New Zealand can be found in Tikal's hands and technique. The Helm proudly hosts these unique treaments.
More on Tikal on

I'd love to properly introduce myself, so lets book a chat on the link below - by consent Pru x

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Emerald, Vic 3782


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