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2019 Monash Energy Conference

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Monash University Clayton campus, VIC 3800


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Come and join us for the 2019 Monash Energy Conference. With more than 250 academics and 3 Australian Research Council Centres of Excellence involved in energy research, Monash is uniquely placed to enable the transition towards a sustainable and equitable energy future.

From energy-efficient materials and smart devices to consumer behaviour and energy markets, the 2019 Monash Energy Conference will provide a snapshot of current advances, initiatives and future possibilities in the energy domain at Monash and beyond.

This two-day conference will showcase Monash academics and experts from industry and government across a range of energy-related disciplines.

This event is free, fully catered and open to Monash staff, students, government and industry professionals, consultants and NGOs.

A detailed programme with abstracts can be found here and the conference brochure here.

Wednesday 18th September

Green Chemical Futures, 13 Rainforest Walk, Level 4, Clayton Campus

800 - Registrations open

830 - Opening

850 - Keynote: Dr Amanda Caples, Victoria's Lead Scientist

910 - Energy Leaders’ panel discussion: 'The role of universities in the energy sector', moderated by Ms Chloe Munro (Monash Professorial Fellow).

Panel speakers: Dr Amanda Caples, Victoria's Lead Scientist,Mr Neil Kavanagh (Woodside Energy), Mr Kevin Hart (GE), and Professor Simon Wilkie (Faculty of Business and Economics).

1010 - Morning Tea

1040 - 'The Control of Excitonic Materials for Solar Energy Harvesting': Professor Udo Bach, ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science (ACEx)

1110 - 'Energy Research in the Australian Centre for Electromaterials Science': Professor Doug McFarlane, ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES)

1140 - ‘Light-transformed materials for low-energy electronics’ Professor Kris Helmerson, ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies(FLEET)

1210 - Lunch

1310 - Keynote Speaker: ‘Building Australia’s new energy sector’, Dr Tony Marxsen, Grid innovation Hub

1340 - Academic panel discussion, moderated Professor Rob Raven (Monash Sustainable Development Institute). Panel speakers: Dr Megan Farrelly (energy transitions), Associate Professor Arthur Campbell (energy markets) and Professor Maria Garcia de la Banda (optimisation).

1430 - Afternoon Tea

1500 - 'Monash Net Zero Initiative' - Mr Scott Ferraro

1520- 'Translating novel battery and supercapacitor technologies through industry partnerships', Professor Mainak Majumder

1540 - 'Engaging households towards the Future Grid: A strategy for the energy sector', Dr Larissa Nicholls

1600 - Wrap-up: Associate Professor Jacek Jasieniak

1610 - Presentation by the Monash Energy Club. Networking over student poster and image competition.

Be introduced to the newest addition to Monash's energy portfolio: A student-run non-profit facilitating energy industry careers as well as a forum for students across all faculties to learn about energy investments, technology, and policy. A great way for companies to have some face-time with Monash's most talented energy-focused students.

1700 - Awards

1730 - Close

Thursday 19th September

PLEASE NOTE THE DIFFERENT VENUE: New Horizons, Building 82, 20, Research Way, Monash University Clayton Campus (see below rooms allocated to each session).

Four parallel sessions will be held- see below for details.


The Monash Microgrid

New Horizons, 20 Research Way, Level 4 Collaboration Lounge, Clayton Campus.

This half-day forum will showcase the development of the Monash microgrid, part of the Net Zero Initiative. This event is aimed at leaders and representatives from the energy sector, Monash staff and students.

900 Creating grid-interactive precincts (chair) - Mr Scott Ferraro

915 Indra Onesait platform – Mr German Burbano and Mr Andres Molnar

935 Microgrid Transactive Energy Market - Mr Donald Azuatalam, Mr Robert Glasgow and Dr Mohsen Khorasany

1000 Q&A/Panel

1015 Morning Tea

1045 Microgrid tours

Tour A Visualising the Monash Microgrid and Indra demonstrations (Future Control Room Tour)

Tour B The Monash Microgrid Tour

1230 Lunch


Grid Innovation Hub

New Horizons, 20 Research Way, Level 4 Collaboration Lounge, Clayton Campus.

This half-day workshop is a Monash Grid Innovation Hub event. This workshop is a forum for Monash researchers and our industry and government partners who work in the electricity grid innovation area including smart grids, transmission system planning and operation, generation and storage investment and renewable transition modelling.

About the Grid Innovation Hub (GIH)
The Hub's is a Monash Energy Institute external partnership initiative bringing together Monash researchers to undertake high-quality interdisciplinary research to address increasingly complex challenges faced by the Australian energy sector.The GIH is a partnership between industry, innovators and researchers across the Monash University research community to develop and execute a three-year research agenda from 2019.

Monash Researchers or their industry partners will present 5-minute overviews of their research in the following technical areas applied to energy grids:

- Smart Energy Systems
- AI, optimisation, Data science and ML
- Energy demand and generation forecasting

- Transport Electrification
- Remote Energy access and Indigenous communities
- Energy-aware smart buildings
- Energy Markets and Systems
- Policy & Regulation
- Competition Economics
- Just Energy Transitions
- Consumers and Social Equity
- Social equity and customer-centric regulation
- Data Privacy and ownership
- Consumer empowerment

1230 Lunch

1330 GIH Introduction- Prof Tony Marxen, A/prof Ariel Liebman and Dr Behrooz Bahrani

1345 FCR Overview and sample demos Dr Sarah Goodwin

1400 5-minute project "collaboration pitch" - Chair - Dr Behrooz Bahrani

'Generation, Transmission and wholesale markets' - Jacqui Bridge, Dr Ross Gawler, and Bruce Miller.

1430 Q&A Collaboration Panel, facilitated by Dr Behrooz Bahrani

1500 Afternoon Tea

1530 5-minute project "collaboration pitch", Chair - A/Prof Ariel Liebman

'Distribution Networks, DER and customer-centric energy transition' -Dr Reza Razzaghi, Peter Lusis, Dr Diane Kraal, Derek Abesurya and Andres Molnar.

1600 Q&A Collaboration Panel, facilitated by A/Prof Ariel Liebman

1630 Drinks

1730 Close


ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACEs)

New Horizons, 20 Research Way, Level 4, Rooms 4.07 and 4.08 , Clayton Campus.

This half-day workshop will be a forum for discussion of hydrogen-related initiatives at Monash, CSIRO and local industry. This event is aimed at leaders and representatives from the hydrogen energy sector.

830 Registrations open

905 Opening Introduction – Prof Doug MacFarlane

915 'The Challenges of Transporting and Storing Hydrogen for a Global Market ' A/Prof Jacek Jasieniak (Monash)

935 'High-performance and robust electrocatalysts for renewable hydrogen generation ' Dr Alexandr (Sasha) Simonov (Monash)

955 'Global challenges need global solutions 'Prof Damon Honnery (Monash)

1015 Morning Tea*

1045 'Woodside Monash Energy Partnership' Ms Rachelle Doyle (Woodside)

1105 'Hydrogen Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) Opportunities ' Mr Vivek Srinivasan (CSIRO)

1125 'Hydrogen - Part of the energy mix' Dr Noel Dunlop (ANT)

1145 'Separation and Storage of Hydrogen with Porous Materials' A/Prof Matthew Hill (CSIRO/Monash)

1205 Panel Discussion

1300 Close

*New Horizons, 20 Research Way, Level 4 Collaboration Lounge


ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science (ACEx)

New Horizons, 20 Research Way, Ground floor, G 30, Clayton Campus.

1330-1630; This half-day symposium will be focused on sharing Monash’s most exciting research advances in the field of new energy materials. This event is aimed at ACEx members from Monash, the University of Melbourne and CSIRO.

1330 Registrations open, welcome & introduction

1335 Back-contact perovskite solar cells -Dr Xiongfeng Lin

1355 Hot Deposition of Perovskite Solar Cells with Polymer Additive Using Slot Die Coater for Improving Processing Reliability- Dr Jueng-Eun Kim

1415 Perovskite solar cells: new prospects beyond lead- Dr Narendra Pai

1435 Energy Transfer and Release in Luminous Nanomatrials-Dr Wenping Yin

1455 Towards Single-crystalline Perovskite Devices - Dr Wenxin Mao

1500 Afternoon Tea *
1530 High-throughput Search for Energy Materials- Dr Kevin Rietwyk

1555 Solution-processed Perovskite Tandems and Multi-junction Solar Cells- Dr David McMeekin

1615 Semi-transparent perovskite solar cells (ST-PeSCs) for BIPV- Dr Jae Choul Yu

1635 How Electrolyte Additives Define the Performance of Copper Bisphenanthroline Electrolytes - Dr Sebastian Fürer

1655 Concluding Remarks

1700 Close


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