2016 BMW Clubs Australia Motorrad Rally
$31.74 – $62.49
2016 BMW Clubs Australia Motorrad Rally

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Bright, VIC 3741


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****tickets sold after 2/10/2016 may not be provided with some of the items provided to other rally attendees.  Late purchase tickets will include limited rally welcome packs, and may not include rally badges etc.  This is due to the closure of timelines required to produce some items.   ****

The BMW Clubs Australia National Motorrad Rally 2016 will be held in the beautiful alpine town of Bright in North East Victoria, on the 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th of November, with attendance registration occurring on the 11th and riders planned to depart on the 14th.

This will be the 2nd BMW Clubs Australia Motorrad Rally held in Australia.

The first BMW Motorrad Rally was held at Lake Cargeligo in 2014 and was organised by the ACT BMW Motorcycle Club.  

Why Bright?  Bright is well renowned as a spectacular part of Australia, with fantastic scenery and plenty of options for visitors.   It is a motorcycle friendly town and hosts a number of motoring related events throughout the year.   It has great roads and mountain trails for both on and off road motorcycles.  Bright provides a wealth of accomodation options from luxury motels to well appointed camp grounds.    November in Bright is ideal motorcycling weather with an average temperature of 24c.   Bright boasts clear blue skies, sunshine and lots of starry nights.   Bright is renowned as the 'Gateway to the Alps'.    

By holding the Rally in Bright we hope to offer you the chance to visit a part of our great state that you might not otherwise have visited, enjoy not only great motorcycling and rekindle past friendships or make new ones.

BMW Clubs Australia is the National association of BMW Car and Motorcycle Clubs from around Australia, bringing together BMW enthusiasts from all walks of life under the umbrella of our shared interest in the marquee.

The rally is a National event, which is designed to promote fellowship and social interaction through a common interest of motorcycling and our love of the BMW Marque.  

By being held in Bright we hope to showcase to our interstate and international members and visitors what Victoria has to offer.

Attendance at the rally is open to all members of BMW Clubs worldwide.




Are there ID requirements to enter the event?

This is not a public event.   You must be a member of a BMW Club to purchase a rally ticket.   Club members may also purchase a rally ticket for 1 guest (eg: a friend or partner).  For the purchase of additional guest tickets over this allocation please contact the rally organisers.   BMW Club members must quote their club and membership number when purchasing a ticket.   Guest tickets purchased without a corresponding members ticket being purchase may be rejected or refused.   All ticket sales MUST consist of at least 1 Club Members ticket.

Why do you have to be a BMW Club Member to go to the rally?

The rally is run by BMW Clubs Australia for and on behalf of its member clubs and club members.   Therefore this is a club run and organised event and not an event open to the general public to purchase tickets.   As we are an inclusive social organisation we allow club members to also bring a partner/spouse/friend and tickets are available for purchase for members guests.  The number of guest tickets is limited to ensure that all BMW Club Members have the opportunity to attend rather than large numbers of 'guests'.   To avoid embarrassment please do not purchase tickets unless you are a BMW club member.

My partner is coming to Bright but will not be taking part in any events and only wants to come to the dinner with me.  Is this possible?

Yes, of course it is.   You will need to purchase either a club member rally ticket or a guest ticket for them (if they are not a club member).  The cost is the same whether they participate in rally events or just attend the dinner.   

Can I  purchase rally tickets for a group of members in my BMW club as well as their guests?

Yes.  You will need the full name and membership number of each club member as well as the full name of each guest.   Other information  is required when purchasing tickets, such as mobile phone number for each person and next of kin.   This information is required for emergency management reasons.   Please do not enter the same email address and phone number or next of kin against multiple ticket purchases as this will only cause considerable problems in the event of an emergency situation and may also result in your purchae being rejected.   If buying tickets for multiple people we suggest that you review the ticket site first to see the information required.   You will also be required to accept a waiver on behalf of all the people you are buying tickets for.   The waiver is available for viewing on the ticketing website.  If you are not willing to accept the waiver on behalf of others please have them purchase their own tickets.  Some clubs may also wish to buy their club members tickets in bulk, that is, one person from the club makes the purchase.  All details supplied must be correct.


Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

events@bmwmotorradrally.com.au or contact Jack Schmidt on 0414 460 295  www.bmwmotorradrally.com.au for more info


Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

No.  Tickets are issued to a named individual and ID cards will be issued.  PhotoID may be requested at the Registration Point for security and emergency management reasons.


Can I update my registration information?

Yes.  Please ensure that all names are correct before the ticket sales closing date to avoid any embarrassment at the registration point.


Do I have to bring my ticket to the event?

Yes.  All attendees must present their ticket (printed or on a mobile device) to the registration marquee located in Howitt Park, Howitt St, Bright  b/w 11.59am and 10.30pm 11/11/2016 or b/w 8.00am and 11.59am 12/11/2016.  Upon presentation of their tickets they will be provided with a rally ID card and registration pack.   Accomodation options, if purchased, can be collected from the registration marquee.   If arriving outside these hours please contact the rally organisers on 0414 460 295.   See accommodation faq for more info.


What is the refund policy?

Unless exceptional circumstances exist, no refunds will be given.  Please contact the rally organisers to discuss this if you find yourself in these circumstances and provide the rally organiser with full details. 


The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?

No.   Login to your purchase to correct the information or contact the rally organisers before ticket sales end.    The name on the ticket must match the name of each rally attendee as ID cards are being printed and will be provided at the registration point.   Each person must collect their own Rally ID card from the registration point.   Multiple cards will not be given to a single person.

I want to bring a friend who is not a member of a BMW club. Is that okay?

Yes.   Club members may purchase a ticket for 1 guest/member ticket purchased.  Should you have a need for more than this allocation, please contact the rally organisers.

I am not a BMW club member but want to come to the rally.  Is this a public event?

No, this is a closed event for BMW Club members only.   Should you wish to attend the rally, we strongly encourage you to join your local BMW Club and then come to the rally and enjoy the fun.  For a full list of BMW clubs, go to http://www.clubs.bmw.com.au/scripts/main.asp?PageID=12930  or contact the rally organiser for more info.

Can I register and pay for the rally after ticket sales have closed, or on the day at the rally?

Under normal circumstances no, as there is catering and other factors to arrange for attendees, however, under some limited circumstances this may be possible.   If you find that ticket sales have closed and want to attend the rally, please contact the rally organiser on 0414 460 295.  No guarantees can be given that tickets will be available once tickets sales have closed.  Sales of tickets will close on 2/10/2016 or sooner if sold out.

Can I just purchase accomodation from your site?

No.  The accomodation available on this site has been reserved for rally attendees only.   All accomodation purchases require the purchase of at least 1 club member rally ticket.   The rally organisers reserve right to reject or refuse any purchase made from this site where the terms and conditions have not been met.  Due to limitations of the site, it is not possible to purchase multiple rooms eg: you want to purchase 2x4 bed rooms of the same type such as type E room.   If you find yourself in this situation, please contact the rally organisers ASAP after you have purchase your rally ticket and first room.   This is only applicable if you are buying multiples of the same room type. You can purchase a type H and a type I room in the same transaction.


I don't understand the accommodation options.  Can you please explain it to me?

Accommodation is sold on a 'room' basis, that is, you are purchasing a facility (motel room, cabin etc) that will sleep up to the maximum number of people listed, in the bedding configuration listed, at a nightly rate, which is the rate shown (camping is a flat rate which includes 3 nights camping).  Some accommodation may be multi roomed, for example, a 6 bed facility may be a 3 bedroom cabin or motel room.    All accomodation requires the purchase of Friday and Saturday night as a minimum, so you MUST purchase at least 2 nights accomodation for your chosen option.  2 nights will be automatically added to every accommodation purchase to provide for Friday and Saturday.    If you require accommodation for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, then chose 3 in the quantity.   Quantity means the number of nights you are purchasing for that type of accommodation

I have purchased accommodation on behalf of a group of friends and we are all staying in the same room.  They will be arriving before me.  Can one of them pick up the key?

If you want someone else to collect your accommodation keys from the registration point on your behalf then you must provide their full name where asked.  For security reasons the person nominated will need to produce PhotoID to collect the keys.  If their name is not listed on your accommodation purchase or they cannot produce adequate PhotoID then the keys will not be handed over to them.  This is because some rally attendees will be staying in Bright with non-rally participants who do not have rally attendance tickets. We cannot hand over keys to accommodation facilities to unknown or un-identified persons. 

I have booked a room for myself and  4 friends for Friday and Saturday night.   My friends are going home on Sunday morning but I want to stay Sunday night.  I don't want to pay for a 5 bed room for just myself on Sunday night.  What can I do?

There may be some rooms or shared accommodation which are available for Sunday night only, however, until bookings are made, we do not know how many vacancies we will have just for Sunday night for people in these circumstances.   There is a ticket option for sunday night accommodation.  This is an expression of interest ticket for either shared or private accommodation.  If a Sunday night only vacancy arises you will be contacted by the rally organisers.  The expression of interest in on a first come, first served basis, strictly on availability.  No guarantees are provided that any 'Sunday night only' accomodation is available.   In this situation, book your room for the 2 night minimum and the select an 'expression of interest' ticket for 1 (or as many people who want to stay sunday night)

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Bright, VIC 3741


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