Coming up with unique thank you gift ideas can be daunting, but if you make the effort, it’ll leave your supporters feeling greatly appreciated. And if they remember their event experience fondly, they’re more likely to tell colleagues, fans, and other influencers how much they love working with you. While a handwritten thank-you note is a great starting point, you can do better than that.

For sponsors

Gift idea for sponsors #1: Wireless headphones

A great gift for sponsors who are technology or music buffs! You can find a range of Bluetooth headphones in different styles and prices to suit the occasion, with noise-cancelling headphones making the perfect gift for a sponsor who wants to block everything out and get in the zone. 

Gift idea for sponsors #2: High-quality notebooks

An old-school leather or suede-covered notebook can be a useful gift for a busy sponsor to jot down notes and observations for your next event.

Gift idea for sponsors #3: A charity donation 

Give the gift of giving. If you happen to know a cause close to your sponsor’s heart or can find one that aligns with their business values, even better! Or you can opt for a business-minded charity like Kiva, who crowd-source loans for entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Gift idea for sponsors #4: Books

Yes, really. Books. This may seem old school, but people still love taking home books. Make sure the book is connected with whatever event you’re hosting — otherwise, it may seem out of place.

Gift idea for sponsors #5: Desk plants

Sometimes knowing where your gift will end up is a good place to start. Not only do desk plants brighten up the office, but even those without a green thumb can (usually) keep them alive. There are a variety of fun little desk succulents that’ll ensure your event stays on your sponsor’s mind throughout the year. Just be sure to offer plants that come in small boxes so that they can travel easily.

For vendors

Gift idea for vendors #1: Superior coffee 

Who doesn’t appreciate a great cuppa? Coffee beans from your city’s finest roaster will satisfy any caffeine addict and have your vendors thanking you every morning, or you can go with a gift certificate or a coffee subscription.

Gift idea for vendors #2: Unique bottles of liquor 

Some makers of fine wine and spirits offer the option of ordering personalised or even engraved bottles. If you can’t get a personalised touch, something unique from a local boutique distiller is sure to make an impact, or you can go all out and craft your own spirits for the occasion. 

Gift idea for vendors #3: Handy device accessories 

If you do a little bit of investigation into what kind of tablet or laptop your vendors uses, you can gift them with a handy accessory such as a spare external battery or waterproof cover. These accessories are typically very appreciated as they don’t tend to be the kind of thing we get around to purchasing for ourselves.

Gift idea for vendors #4: Reusable cup

A branded keep-cup might be a tried-and-true idea, but you can differentiate yours from the rest by investing in something that’s nicer than the generic model. There is a huge range of reusable cups and bottles which look cool, work well, and are in line with the sustainable message that most vendors are prioritising. 

Gift idea for vendors #5: Goodies to share

Oftentimes there is an entire army of people working for your vendor that you might not see. Acknowledge their hard work behind the scenes with a special order of local baked goods, fancy doghnuts, or a basket of fresh fruit.

For talent

Gift idea for talent #1: Bobbleheads

Did you know you can get a custom-made Bobblehead? This unique gift is guaranteed to make your talent smile, and you can be fairly sure it is not something they already have.

Gift idea for talent #2: Custom caricature

Inviting a caricaturist to your event to sketch the crowd and even the artist gives you a truly original and meaningful gift to offer your talent.

Gift idea for talent #3: Experience vouchers

To really stay top-of-mind, give the gift of a memorable experience. Go with something specific, like a gift certificate to a popular restaurant or day spa. Or look for a company that lets them choose their own fun, from a culinary or wine tasting tour to a thrill-seeking experience (if you think they’re up for it).

Gift idea for talent #4: Event survival kits

Make sure your talent is ready to handle anything by putting a branded notebook, pen, packet of Panadol, gum/mints, and some Berocca in a small fanny pack. Whether you send it to them beforehand or hand it to them as they walk through the door, it’s a small gesture that shows your talent that you’ve got their back. 

Gift idea for talent #5: Carry on cocktail kit

The carry-on cocktail kit is a small container with all the ingredients and tools needed to treat yourself to a cocktail for one. All you need to add is the booze. Choose from a  champagne cocktail, bloody mary, gin and tonic, margarita, Moscow Mule, and many more.

Thank you, come again

Now that you’ve got your sponsors, vendors, and talent gift ideas squared away, it’s time to set up your next event.