Securing sponsors for your event is an effective strategy to boost revenue — but event sponsorship offers you more than just additional funding. With the right sponsors on board, you can market your event to a broader audience and tap into your sponsor’s network to reach eventgoers you might otherwise miss.

Sponsorship has a good return on investment for the event’s sponsors, too. Attract potential partners by reminding them that it’s a good chance to boost their visibility and generate new leads. You can even create a unique opportunity for every sponsor by crafting different sponsorship packages.

Read on to discover four ways to make sure your sponsors get the most out of your partnership.

1. Highlight sponsors in marketing materials

Your sponsors deserve recognition in all of your marketing materials — both digital and printed. Consider the ways you can showcase your sponsors in your promotional materials, like including them in your event banner on Eventbrite or in social media images. You can design a custom event banner featuring engaging designs, your sponsors’ logos, and event details using a free and easy web editor. Check out how Dapper Street’s Dope Jazz Music Series includes its sponsors in digital marketing materials.

Your sponsor’s financial contribution helps you plan and execute your event, so as the creator, you should show your gratitude. When you make your sponsors more visible, you’re affirming the importance of your partnership, which helps create a creator-sponsor relationship that just might extend beyond your current event.

2. Cross-promote on social media

Thanks to social media, promoting your sponsored event has never been easier, and everyone benefits from it. Social media cross-promotion allows you to showcase the event and your sponsor’s products or services at the same time. This can occur before, during, and even after your event. Take some time to talk with your sponsor to devise a thoughtful and mutually beneficial social media campaign.

Be sure you’re using social media to your advantage, so you stand out in a sea of posts. In general, make sure your posts are shared on both your page and your sponsor’s page to extend your event’s reach. Choose a hashtag for the event so both you and your sponsors can use it across your social media channels. Host a contest or give away a pair of tickets to the event in advance to generate buzz.

3. Feature your sponsor at the event

Your sponsor doesn’t have to be a behind-the-scenes contributor to your event. You can also incorporate their brand, products, and services into your event. Beauty retailer Sephora does a great job highlighting brand sponsors at their virtual events. While event-goers might tune in to Sephora’s webinars to learn how to improve their skincare regimen or create a glam beauty look, they also get introduced to products from the event’s sponsors.

Another sponsorship promotion strategy is to offer goodie bags or sponsor swag. If your sponsors have samples of products to give away, collect them in a gift bag to hand out or mail to guests. For in-person events, set up a booth where eventgoers can score branded items from your sponsors. You can also consider virtual goodies like discount codes from sponsors.

4. Pair the sponsorship with a big name in the field

Consider how you can seamlessly meld sponsorships with featured speakers by hosting an event that showcases an expert or big name in the field. For example, Samy’s Photo School hosts frequent events on music photography, sponsored by Sigma and led by a well-known photographer.

If you bring your sponsors in during the planning stage, they may even be able to help you score a high-quality speaker. They likely already have some ins with industry experts or influencers who can add value to your event and promote the brand at the same time.

In the end, the most important part of keeping sponsors happy is making sure the benefits of being a sponsor for an event are clear. That way, you’ll be more likely to find sponsors who are willing to sign on and get more people interested in your next event.

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