How many tickets or registrations has your event sold in the last 24 hours? Which marketing channels are helping you meet your goals? If you don’t have the answer to questions like these at your fingertips, you’re not in control of your event’s success.

An event dashboard is key to understanding how effective your marketing is at selling out your event. It displays the most relevant metrics at a glance, so you can keep tabs on your event in real-time.

These are the six metrics your event management dashboard needs.

Event management dashboard element #1: Net sales

No event dashboard would be complete without closely monitoring your total revenue. In fact, over half of event planners today base their decision to host future events based on past performance. Make sure your dashboard allows you to quickly see revenue generated.

Event management dashboard element #2: Tickets sold by day/net sales by day

By itself, the number of tickets sold each day helps you track your progress towards your goal of selling out. When combined with the following two metrics, however, you can start answering the questions that really matter.

Event management dashboard element #3: Sales by ticket type

This report shows which registration type (early bird vs. VIP) an attendee purchased. When combined with sales over time, you can see things like how regular-priced registrations benefited from your early bird discount.

Event management dashboard element #4: Sales by source

This report tells you the source of each registration. For example, a source might be a Google search or a retargeting ad you ran during the last weeks of sales. Correlating the source of sale can tell you which channels are delivering the best ROI for your marketing spend.

Event management dashboard element #5: Attendee geography

Knowing where attendees are coming from can help you better target your advertising efforts in the future. You can also use this data to pinpoint other cities where you’ll most likely be successful, should you wish to grow your event to a new part of the country.

Event management dashboard element #6: Pageviews

The pageview metric measures how many times a page on your event website or event listing has been viewed. When you correlate the number of pageviews to the number of registrations sold during a given time frame, you’re calculating the conversion rate of your listing. Your conversion rate is the percentage of page visitors who click through to sign up to attend your event.

If the number of pageviews is much greater than the number of registrations, it’s time to evaluate your event website and registration process. When it’s difficult to navigate your event website, you’re putting barriers in the way of people who might want to buy tickets. Many people will give up as soon as buying a ticket becomes difficult.

Fuel your success with data

If you’re using an online registration platform or mobile event apps, you’re sitting on an abundance of data. Discover how to use that data in Beyond Registration: Using Data to Supercharge Your Event.