Lost contracts. Delayed email responses. Disgruntled sponsors. The wrong event coordinator — or no coordinator at all — can derail your event.

One of the hardest and most important elements of managing an event is building a team that you trust — a team that you can delegate to and know things will get done successfully. Make sure you’ve got the right team in place with these 10 reasons to hire (or fire) an event coordinator.

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5 reasons to hire an event coordinator

1. You’re burning out

Rule number one of building an events team: don’t act like a superhero. Much as you might try, you can’t carry the burden of your entire event alone. Whether your team is small but mighty, or large and in charge, it’s your job to hire a team who can get the job done.

If you find yourself and your entire team burning out, it’s a clear sign that you need more help.

2. You have the resources

In a survey of 1,000 event creators, more than a third said they expect their teams to grow in 2018. Teams that will increase staff also intended to increase budget in 2018 (64%) and run additional events (76%).

If your budget allows, hire a coordinator to make sure you can do more — more events, more promotion, more ticket sales — with less headache.

3. Your reputation depends on it

Dedicated staff, from marketers to box office attendants to security, are critical to creating the perfect experience for your attendees. Hire the right coordinator, and you’ll be set up to run a smooth, professional event — and grow your reputation as an experience worth attending.

But beware — if an event coordinator doesn’t have the soft skills needed to work in events, don’t bring them on. You’ll pay the price later on down the road.

4. You want to scale your event

As your event grows over time, you won’t be able to run it with the same number of people. Automation can be a huge help (and definitely shouldn’t be ignored when scaling your event), but the bottom line is: the bigger your event gets, eventually the bigger your team will get, too.

Hire a coordinator to make sure you’re spending your time on what matters — creating a sell-out event.

5. You want to grow your sponsorship revenue

For many events, sponsorship is a top source of revenue. But without support staff to help you sell and work with sponsors, you might be putting that revenue at risk. When sponsorship revenue has stalled, it’s time to hire someone who can help manage your sponsors.

5 reasons to fire an event coordinator

1. Your event coordinator lets things slip through the cracks

Imagine if your coordinator didn’t file your vendor contract on time. You might end up with a packed house  — but no food or drinks to sell to your hungry attendees. When one person isn’t pulling their weight, that’s ultimately going to affect your bottom line. It’s time to get rid of that under-performer.

2. Your event coordinator isn’t communicating

Without solid communication skills and processes, it’s impossible for everyone to work well together. Using the right tools to keep your team in sync can help, but it also comes down to style. If an event coordinator does not keep you — and the rest of the team — in the loop, it’s okay to say goodbye.

3. Your event coordinator overreacts

You don’t want a team member who cracks under pressure, can’t take feedback, or doesn’t handle conflict very well. Event planning is a fast-moving profession, so if a team member is struggling to remain calm when things don’t go according to plan, it’s a red flag.

4. Your event coordinator is in the wrong role

Ever found someone who is experienced, organised, and not shaken by unexpected change — but they’re not well-suited for the position? Maybe that person can handle all the little details, but doesn’t actually like working in events. Or your coordinator was hired specifically to manage the relationship with a venue, but you no longer use that venue.

If it becomes clear that you hired someone who doesn’t fit the need for your team, own it and make room for the person who will fill that gap.

5. Your event coordinator isn’t proactive

The events industry is constantly evolving, and you need people on your team who stay on top of the latest trends — and the latest deals. For example, your coordinator should shop around to make sure you’re getting the best price and service for all your purchases. If not, chances are you’ll end up blowing your budget before you know it.

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