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Paul Thompson, Podiatrist of 10 years and advocate for a Barefoot lifestyle!

Paul is passionate about teaching you to build a body that supports itself and to increase efficiency and perfomance, reduce pain and injury, all whilst reducing the need for artificial supports such as orthotics.

Paul's own personal experience with years in orthotics, injuries, and increasing pain through day-to-day activites, has lead him to successfully seek a better way of moving.

As well as being a qualified Podiatrist, Paul is also a certified Barefoot Trainer, Functional Movement Specialist and a qualified Pilates Matwork Instructor. He has been trained in dry needling techniques and mobilisation techniques, so I guess you could say he understands a thing or two about human walking patterns, foot posture and how to help you achieve functional barefoot greatness.

Paul created The Barefoot Movement out of frustration! Frustration with the over prescription of orthotics…the over reliance on orthotics…the effects of modern day footwear on our bodies/lifestyles…frustration at seeing clients in pain, wanting a quick “bandaid-fix”…and frustration with the preventable missing link between dysfunctional foot posture and the pain that is affecting your life.

Instead of masking aches and pains with orthotics or simply treating symptoms, Paul looks deeper and aims to treat and educate you on what is dysfunctional and what needs to be done to actually solve the underlying problems, to take your pain away, make you stronger, more flexible and most importantly give you back control over your body and your active lifestyle.

Paul's passion is seeing you build a body that supports you, not a body that relies on support!


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