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Olga Abbott

Hi my name is Olga and I have been sewing since age of 13, which means for many years! I absolutely love sewing, its my passion! I have been asked on many many occasions by many people whether I can teach them to sew, that learn to sew has been on their bucket list. So here I am ready to teach, to share my passion, to make someone's dream come true. My passion is to work with kids, to teach them to sew, as some lovely ladies taught me when I was a kid. I was hungry for knowledge outside my school hours, but teaching sewing wasn't broadly available back then. I am sure there are some kids just like I was are seeking some help to learn and develop their skills with sewing and maybe even find their passion and possibly future profession. 

I am teaching different ages including kids and adults. Come to my studio in Subiaco to learn beginner sewing skills and I will be sharing all my tricks and secrets with you.