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Ignite your heart’s desire! Join international sound alchemist and vibrational healer, Matt Omo, to open the resounding song of your heart.

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Do you feel stuck in old patterns that prevent you from manifesting your heart’s desire?

Do you feel flat, and discouraged with the way your life and relationships are going?

Does life feel chaotic and overwhelming?

It's time to transform your life and align with your heart’s desire in this 3-session interactive online experience.

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To find harmony in our lives we must let go of resistance, embrace our resounding heart song and have the courage to express it.

The heart is the seat of compassion, love and joy. To allow it to sing it’s song fully we must embrace our courage, vulnerability and most authentic selves with kindness and compassion.

Through the practices of breathwork and sound healing the invitation is to explore the depths of our pain and hurt with honesty and sensitivity in order to heal and shed the barriers we have created against living with a whole heart.

This workshop is an opportunity to see, embrace, and ultimately shift the armour that gets in the way of tuning into the finest depths of this energy centre. Once we align with the symphony of vibrations in this, our soul core, we gain access to our authentic power and freedom.

We will embark on this journey into the heart through three interactive online sessions. Each session is an hour long, consisting of meditation, coaching, mindfulness practices, sound healing, breathwork and energetic healing.

** The Sessions will be released on the day and times below and available for download anytime after. If you can't make the time Not To Worry. Catch up on your own pace and do the process as many times as you desire. You will own the entire course upon completion.

Session 1 - Forgiveness (Released - Tuesday 20th May - 730pm : Sydney, Australia Time) - over time we go through trauma and challenges that tend to be held in the heart creating a resistance to the flow of who we are. We first need to open our awareness to find the stagnant places resisting the vibration of the heart song wanting to sing through us.

Session 2 – Listening to our Heart’s Desire (Released - 27th May - 730pm : Sydney, Australia Time)- now that we have opened a clear chamber for the resounding heart sound to express we must gain clarity on what that song is wanting to sing. What is our heart’s desire?

Session 3 – Expressing Our Heart Song (Released - 3rd June 730pm : Sydney, Australia Time)– now we have the clarity of what it is and the capacity to express it in the world… we are able to allow it to send a resounding expression into all aspects of our life and live in alignment with our heart’s vibration. Creating a heart centred life instead of a contrived and stressed mindless mess.

Package Includes: (Total Value – OVER $400)

Downloadable Sound Meditation 1 per session ($30 x 3 = $90Value)

2 - 30 minute support sessions with Matt - ($165 Value)

3 x interactive downloadable sessions ($60 x 3 = $180 Value)

** Can’t Make the actual session… Not to worry! Watch anytime, anywhere**

** Each session is recorded revisit anytime in your busy schedule and watch as often as you desire. **



Matt, has been leading groups around the world for over 20 years. He brings together his shamanic training, psychotherapy, and healing work acquired through years of exploration and discovery in a unique, fun and palatable way. Merging ancient cultures and modern science, Matt has distilled his years of wisdom into this practical process designed to active your higher consciousness, giving you a greater capacity to heal and maintain harmony and inner peace in all aspects of your life.


"I've never been one for things that seem "out there" and "woo-woo", but as a your average Aussie sceptic I was so surprised by my experience with Matt Omo's sound journey. The fact that he's a normal guy just like you and me was appealing to begin with. When I allowed myself to be immersed in the sounds, I was given an amazing experience I will never forget, and I learnt things about myself that I will always treasure. Thanks Matt!" - Dwayne Bunney

"Matt’s sound and breathing sessions will completely transform your life!" - Peggy Morrison

"I am forever grateful for stepping way out of my comfort zone and ALLOWING myself to take something new and give it everything.I am forever grateful to Matt Omo for taking me beyond myself and showing me whats deep down inside me and the magic that I hold within.Thank you for showing me my bliss " -Therese W Pitt

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