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Where are my saved events?

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Updated by Antwonne D.

Category: Attending an Event

When you save events on Eventbrite, it's easy to go back and view all of the upcoming events you're interested in. The simplest way to see your saved events is on the Saved Events page when you're logged into your Eventbrite account, or on the eblink{Eventbrite mobile app=>}. You can also visit the Eventbrite homepage or any event listing to see the events you've saved to your account.

TIP: Eventbrite only displays upcoming events in your list of saved events. Events that have ended are removed from the list.

PRO TIP: If you use Eventbrite to create and manage events, saved events that you haven't published (or those you've recently eblink{unpublished=>}) appear under Manage Events. Select "Draft" to view them.

NOTE: Saving an event to your Eventbrite account doesn't save you a ticket or spot for the event—it just bookmarks the event listing so you can easily get back to it later. The only way you’re guaranteed to go to an event is when you’ve actually purchased a ticket or registered, so don’t wait too long!

Option: Log in and go to Saved Events on

After you eblink{log into your Evenbrite account=> target=_blank}, access the account menu, then select Saved.

Option: Find your saved events in the Eventbrite mobile app.

When you're logged in to the eblink{Eventbrite mobile app=>} for eblink{iOS=>} or eblink{Android=>}, you can tap the "Me" icon in the menu, then select "Saved" to see all your saved events right from your mobile device.

Option: Visit the Eventbrite homepage.

If you go to the eblink{Eventbrite homepage=>} when logged in, you'll see the last 3 events you saved under "Saved Events."

PRO TIP: Want to discover more events to attend? You can check out top picks from our staff above your saved events, or even search by location and date.

Option: Go to any event listing on Eventbrite.

If you're eblink{logged into your Eventbrite account=> target=_blank}, you can see your list of saved events from the "Save This Event" module on any event listing. When you click the link, a new window will pop up showing all your upcoming saved events.

NOTE: An event organiser can see how many people have saved an event, just like anyone who visits the event listing. However, they won't be able to see who has saved their event. Eventbrite takes privacy and security seriously, and you can check out our eblink{Privacy Policy=>} and eblink{Security Guide=>} to learn more.

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