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How to use the Eventbrite iPhone app


Updated by Antwonne D. on 22/05/2017

Wherever you’re located, you can use the Eventbrite App for iOS to find, save, and even share events that you’re interested in.

TIP: If you’re organising an event on Eventbrite, you can use our eblink{Eventbrite Organiser app=>} mobile app—our box office solution for events.

PRO TIP: Changes to your Eventbrite account (e.g., eblink{email address=>}) and eblink{refund requests for events you register to attend=>} are not managed in the app. You'll need to eblink{log into your Eventbrite account=>} on the web to perform these tasks.

NOTE: eblink{Help is available for Android users, too=>}.

Discovering events

The Eventbrite app makes it easy to find great upcoming events near you. From the Discover tab, you can see recommended and popular events in your area, or even connect to Facebook to see what events your friends are going to. You can also search by what's going on nearby or this weekend.

1. See recommended and popular events in your area.

From the "Discover" tab, you can scroll through our list of recommended events in your area. You can also use the menu at the top to see popular events, or even events happening nearby or this weekend.

TIP: Want to change your location? Just tap your location at the top of the screen to enter a new one.

2. Browse by category.

Tap "Search" to browse for events by categories like music, business, food and drink, community, or arts.

3. Search by keyword and location.

Enter a keyword and use either your current location or enter a city to find events.

TIP: Make sure to enable location services on your iOS device. Just go to Account Settings > Eventbrite > Location.

4. Filter your results.

Tap the filter icon at the top right of your search results to sort by relevance, event date, and distance. You can also narrow your results by distance from your search location, or choose to see just free or paid events.

Purchasing tickets

Buying tickets on the Eventbrite app is quick and simple. You can register for event with just a few taps, and you'll receive a confirmation email when your order is completed successfully.

1. Tap "Register" or "Get Tickets."

When you find an event you want to attend, just tap the green button.

TIP: The price you see represents the cost of the cheapest ticket, however, that ticket type may no longer be available.

2. Add tickets to your cart.

Tap the ticket you want to add more tickets to your cart. If you see a "More Info" link, you can also use it to read more details about each ticket type, including price and fees, when sales end, and any additional details from the organiser.

TIP: You can also eblink{enter a promotional code=>} here if you have one.

NOTE: If you’re registering for an event with reserved seating, you can only eblink{pick or choose your seat from a desktop=>}. If you register from a mobile device, you can eblink{purchase your seats with the "best available seat" or specific selling order selected by the organiser=>}.

3. Tap "Continue."

Just confirm that your personal information is correct, then enter payment information and any other details the organiser is requesting.

TIP: If you’re registering for a free event, you won’t have to enter any payment information, and you’ll see a button to complete the order instead.

PRO TIP: You can also tap "Add Card" to save a eblink{credit/debit card=>} in your Eventbrite account and make purchasing tickets even faster and easier.

4. Tap "Complete Order" to finish.

Tap "Complete Order" to verify your payment information and complete the order. You’re taken to an order confirmation screen once your registration is successfully processed.

TIP: You can use the back arrow to add items to your order, but the information you entered won't be saved.

NOTE: Eventbrite takes the eblink{security=>} and eblink{privacy=>} of your billing information seriously. All payments are processed over a secure connection using a PCI-compliant gateway.

5. Receive your order confirmation.

When your order is completed successfully, you'll get an email order confirmation with your tickets.

Finding your tickets

The Eventbrite app makes it easy to find all the event tickets you've purchased in one place. From the "Me" tab, you can see details about each event you're registered for, get in touch with your event organiser, and show your ticket to scan for entry.

1. Tap “Me” to see all your tickets.

Once you're logged into the Eventbrite app, tap "Me" in the mobile menu to go to your eblink{Eventbrite profile=>} and find your tickets to upcoming events.

TIP: You won't see the mobile menu if you're looking at an event listing or when you're completing a registration.

2. Check your event details or contact the organiser.

Select the event you want from your ticket list. The "Tickets" tab shows your digital ticket barcode, and you can tap "Info" to learn more details about your event (like the location, date, and time). You can also scroll down and hit "Contact" to eblink{get in touch with your event organiser=>}.

TIP: If you need to eblink{cancel a registration for a free event=>}, you'll need to do this directly on You can, however, eblink{contact the organiser=>} by tapping "Contact" on the "Info" tab at the top of your ticket.

NOTE: If you're having trouble finding your tickets, eblink{use this troubleshooting article for help=>}.

3. Show your ticket to scan.

Organisers can scan your printed or digital ticket barcode for entry, although you still may be asked for identification. Check your order confirmation email and the information on the "Info" tab to make sure you have everything you need to enter your event.

PRO TIP: If you use the "Add to My Calendar" feature, all of the details as well as a link to the event listing will be added to your default calendar.

NOTE: Your organiser might not need to see tickets for entry to the event, so you may not see a barcode display.

4. Optional: Add to Wallet (iOS 9 or above) or Passbook (iOS 6-8)

Add to Wallet option in the Eventbrite app.
Add to Wallet option in the Eventbrite app.

You can add a ticket to Apple Wallet/Passbook if the organiser chose to issue tickets for their event. You'll see the option when viewing the following on your mobile device: • Order Confirmation Page • Order Confirmation Email • Your completed order in the eblink{Eventbrite app=>} (shown above)

TIP: For the most up-to-date information on your event, be sure to reference your order in the Eventbrite app or your eblink{Eventbrite account=> target=_blank}.

5. Optional: Share group tickets.

The person who purchased the tickets will see them in the "Tickets" tab by swiping left. Use the arrow icon in the top right to email that ticket to someone else. They'll receive the barcode to display on their own phone (or print).

Saving and sharing events

You can save any event to purchase tickets later, then easily share it with friends.

1. Tap the bookmark icon to save an event.

Tap the bookmark icon to save an event to your Eventbrite profile. You can also tap the bookmark again to un-favourite the event.

NOTE: Saving an event to your Eventbrite account doesn't save you a ticket or spot for the event—it just bookmarks the event listing so you can easily get back to it later. The only way you’re guaranteed to go to an event is when you’ve actually purchased a ticket or registered, so don’t wait too long!

2. Revisit saved events any time.

Once you're logged into the Eventbrite app, tap "Me" in the mobile menu to go to your Eventbrite profile. You'll see all of your saved upcoming events when you tap the "Saved" icon.

NOTE: If you save an event, you won't get a reminder letting you know when the event is coming up, so be sure to check your saved events often.

3. Tap the sharing icon to share an event.

From the "Discover" tab, tap the arrow icon. You can share the event with: • a new text message or email • a link to the event listing • Twitter • Facebook • WhatsApp (mobile-only)

TIP: You can also share an event from the event listing. Just tap the arrow to access the sharing options.

NOTE: Sharing options available vary by device and past history of shared options used on the device. Common share options are email, text message, and social media feeds.

4. Connect to Facebook for friend notifications.

Tap Me in the mobile menu, then tap the settings gear icon to connect your Eventbrite account with Facebook. If at least two of your Facebook friends are going to an event, you'll get an alert that sends you to the event listing.

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