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Turn off paper tickets

PDF tickets are sent to attendees when they register for events on Eventbrite. If you don't need to scan barcodes or collect paper tickets at your event, turn off PDF tickets.

1. Go to your Event Dashboard.

Event creators can log into their Eventbrite account eblink{here=> target=_blank}. Then select your event.

2. Click Order Confirmation (under "Order Options").

3. Turn off paper tickets.

Scroll to the section labelled "Additional Settings". Choose “Same settings” to turn off paper tickets for all ticket types, or choose “Custom settings” to turn off paper tickets for some ticket types. If you choose “Custom settings” you can also add a custom confirmation message for specific ticket types.

4. Tell attendees they do not need PDF tickets to attend the event.

Click the text box labelled "Message For Email And Printable PDF (If Included)" to eblink{customise the message that appears on order confirmation emails=>}. Make sure to advise your attendees that tickets won't be attached and are not required for the event. We recommend that you also copy and paste this message into the text box under "Message For Order Confirmation Page".

5. Save changes.

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