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Limit capacity on your event

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By default, the capacity for your event is set to match the total number of tickets available. To limit the number of tickets available on your event, go to your Event Dashboard and click “Tickets”. Then edit your ticket types and change the “Quantity”. You can also set a total capacity across all ticket types.

1. Go to your Event Dashboard.

eblink{Log into your Eventbrite account=> target=_blank}. Then select your event.

2. Click “Tickets”.

3. Edit a ticket or create a new ticket.

4. Set the "Quantity" to the number of tickets you want to sell.

5. Save your changes.

6. Optional: Set the total capacity for your event.

If your event has more than one ticket type: 1. Select “Total Capacity”. 2. Tick the box to “Limit Total Capacity”. 3. Enter the maximum number of tickets you want to sell. 4. Save changes.

7. Optional: Set capacity for recurring events

The capacity you set is the same for all occurrences. To lower the capacity of a specific occurrence, eblink{create a manual order =>} on that date. This lowers the number of tickets available on that occurrence by the number of tickets entered on the manual order.

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