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How to sell Eventbrite tickets/registrations on your website using embeddable widgets


Updated by Yannic D. on 26/10/2016

Feature Availability: This article discusses a feature only available for Eventbrite Professional and Premium organizers.
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You can sell tickets right from your personal website or blog by using one of our promotional widgets. It's a great way to drive ticket sales, and we have several options available for you to choose from (including Ticket Form, Countdown, and Calendar widgets). From your event's Manage page, go to "Widgets" and select one of our promotional widgets to get started.

TIP: Don't have your own website or blog? eblink{Set up your organiser profile page=>} so potential attendees can see all your live public events on a single page.

NOTE: Your outside website must support iframes in order to embed these widgets. users, for instance, will need install a eblink{plugin=>} allowing you to embed iframes in your site. However, eblink{>} users can use the eblink{Multi Event=>} and eblink{Single Event=>} Themes. Also, widgets cannot be used if your event is eblink{invitation-only=>}.

1. Go to your Manage page.

After you eblink{log in=> target=_blank} and eblink{create an event=>}, click or tap on your event from the Manage Events page, then select "Manage."

2. Go to "Widgets" (under Invite & Promote).

From the options menu, scroll to the middle until you see the "Invite & Promote" section.

NOTE: If your eblink{event schedule has multiple dates/times=>}, you can add a widget to your website and promote one or all of the events in your overall schedule. Just choose a date from the "Individual Event Selector" at the top of the Manage page.

3. Choose one of our widgets.

From the "Website Integration" page, you'll have several options available: • Ticket Form: Add a ticket form so attendees can select their tickets and start the registration process from your website. • Button: Add a button that will take attendees straight to your event listing on Eventbrite. • Text Link: Add a custom link that will take attendees straight to your event listing on Eventbrite. • Event Page: Integrate your entire registration page into your website. Attendees can start registering on your website, and then they'll be seamlessly taken to Eventbrite to complete their order. • Event Calendar: Display a calendar that will show all your live upcoming events. Attendees can click on a highlighted date in the calendar to go that event listing. • Countdown: Display a timer that will count down the days until your event takes place. It will also have a link that takes attendees to your event listing.

EXAMPLE: Allison has several events happening over the next few months, so she's adding a Calendar widget to her website so people can easily get to those event pages.

NOTE: Some Eventbrite features will limit the widgets you have available to use. For example, if you have Group Registration activated, your event will not have access to the Ticket Form widget.

4. Customise your widget.

You can customise certain elements of most of our widgets (like the colour and text). Change the button text to "Buy Now!" or change the colours of the Event Calendar widget to match your website. You'll see a preview of the widget as you're making edits.

TIP: Your changes aren't saved automatically, so make sure to hit "Save" so you don't lose any of your changes.

PRO TIP: If you're trying to match a colour from another web page, check out eblink{Palleton=>}, a free online tool for colour palette design.

NOTE: The Event Page widget is modeled after your event listing. This means it can't be customised like the other widgets available to promote your event.

5. Click "Code" and copy the code that's generated.

Hit the "Code" tab to view the code that's generated for your widget. Then copy the code so it's ready to be pasted on your website.

6. Paste the code onto your website or blog.

Once the code has been copied, paste it into the HTML for your personal website or blog. The widget should now appear on your site, and visitors can easily start buying tickets and go straight to your event listing!

PRO TIP: eblink{Learn more about how to use Eventbrite's promotional tools=>}.

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