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Apply a promotional code to your order

Enter a discount or access code by locating your event and clicking “Tickets” or “Register”. If the promotional code you entered was applied successfully, the discounted price or hidden ticket will appear. If you already registered but didn't enter your promotional code, eblink{contact the event organiser=>} for assistance.

1. Find your event and select "Get Tickets".

2. Click "Enter promo code".

3. Enter and apply the discount or access code.

Find "Enter Code". Then type in your code and click "Apply".

4. Confirm your entry was successful.

If the code is valid, you will see the "Price" and "Fee" update to reflect the discounted amount, or your hidden ticket will appear. If your code is showing as "not valid", check to make sure it's entered properly, and try again. If your code isn't working to discount a ticket or reveal a hidden ticket, reach out to the event organiser by clicking "Contact the Organiser" on the event listing.

5. Select your tickets and complete your order.

Choose a quantity of tickets. Then click “Checkout” and enter your information to complete your order.

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