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Understanding fee invoices for events hosted on Eventbrite

If you're using PayPal to process payments you collected the ticket price and the Eventbrite Fee. For PayPal events, this includes orders completed to your event using an offline payment method. Since we haven't collected fee at the time of purchase, we send you a fee invoice on the first of the month for all orders from the prior month. Invoices are due 30 days from the date they're issued and you can pay them online. Keep in mind that PayPal charges you their own payment processing fee.

TIP: In Australia, you can eblink{use Eventbrite Payment Processing at no additional cost=>}—you just pay the standard Eventbrite Fee.

NOTE: If your organisation needs a copy of Eventbrite's W-9, download it eblink{here=>}.

— How Invoices Are Calculated

We charge a service eblink{fee=>} that's either added to the ticket price attendees pay (passed on to attendees) or included in the ticket price attendees see (absorbed by the organiser). eblink{These fee-handling options can be changed=>} on the "Create Tickets" section of the Edit page of your event.

TIP: At no addition cost, you can avoid handling monthly invoices by using eblink{Eventbrite Payment Processing=>} for your next event (we'll collect fees automatically).

PRO TIP: You can eblink{export an orders report=>} at any time to see your order totals and fees for a given time period or export an Invoice Summary from the Invoices section of your account to see events invoiced and invoice amounts.

NOTE: You'll only be invoiced once you've incurred more than $5.00, cumulatively, in Eventbrite fees. Our invoices do not include any payment processing charges you're responsible for with PayPal.

— When Invoices Are Due

Invoices are due 30 days from the date they're issued, which is usually the first of the month. The account admin (and any eblink{subusers=>} with email permissions) will receive an email notification, and you'll see a notice when you log in if you have a current invoice. You can also see invoices from the Invoices section of your Account Settings. If you don't pay your invoices when they're due, your account will be suspended, so it's best to pay as soon as you can. We will send eblink{reminder emails=>} if you're approaching your due date and haven't paid yet.

— Reviewing Your Invoices

You can see a breakdown of each invoice on the eblink{Invoices=>} page. Click an invoice number to see its Invoice Summary, which includes all events for that invoice. Click the event name to see an itemized invoice of all orders and associated Eventbrite fees, any refunds you've processed, and any charges or credits applied to your Eventbrite account (for invoices issued in or after November 2012).

TIP: Select File Type and choose "Export to CSV", "Export to Excel", or "Export to Text" to export an itemized invoice (to print or for your records).

NOTE: For orders that appear on a current invoice, any associated fees for refunds issued after the invoice is generated will be credited on your next invoice.

— Paying Your Invoices

You can pay your invoice with a debit or credit card (USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and NZD only), or using PayPal. Make sure to pay your invoices using the Pay Now button, especially if your account has been suspended due to unpaid invoices, so we can quickly credit your account for the payment. You should see this button when you log in and in the Invoices section of your account. For U.S. dollar-denominated events, you can also send a physical check (with your invoice number written on the check) to: Eventbrite, Inc. P.O. Box 204845 Dallas, TX 75320-4845 USA If you send a check, keep in mind that it takes about 10 business days after we receive your check for us to process it, and you'll receive a confirmation email once we do.

NOTE: Credit cards are also accepted when choosing "Pay with Debit Card".

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