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How to get a tax invoice for your order

Attendees can print tax invoices from the order confirmation email or from the Tickets section of an account. Organisers can print tax invoices on behalf of attendees from the event's Orders report using Print Tax Invoice in the top Quick Actions drop-down menu.

TIP: To edit the attendee information that appears on your order, and subsequently your tax invoice, take a look eblink{here=>}.

NOTE: Tax invoices are issued in a standardised format and include the following information: • Organiser name, address, and GST ID. • Attendee name and address • Invoice number and date • Item description, quantity, price, tax amount, and total amount paid • Information about Eventbrite as a ticketing partner We cannot change the information, or the order in which it appears, on your tax invoice.

Check your confirmation email.

Outside the U.S., attendees can print tax invoices from the order confirmation email or from the eblink{Tickets=>} section of an account, if the organiser has enabled the feature.

TIP: Not all the organisers enable the option for attendees to get a tax invoice. If you don't see the invoice attached to your order confirmation email please reach out to the organiser directly.

Log in and go to Tickets on

Log in like you normally would, or go eblink{here=>} and enter the email address you used at registration to get started, then enter your password. Click Tickets at the top of the page. Select your order, then click the Print Tax Invoice button to download and/or print your tax invoice.

TIP: If you haven't set a password for your account, we'll send you an email with a link to set your password. If you've forgotten your password, click the Forgot Password? link to eblink{reset it=>}.

Contact the organiser.

If you've tried all of these options and still can't find your invoice, eblink{contact the event organiser=>}.

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