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Getting started with Eventbrite Payment Processing

If you're running a paid event, Eventbrite Payment Processing is the standard method for accepting payments online. You can change your payment processor up until you sell your first ticket, and you can eblink{change who pays the fees=>} (you or your attendees) at any point.

— Pricing

The eblink{Eventbrite Service Fee=>} per ticket sold depends on your package, the ticket price, currency collected, and payment processor (all set by you). Essentials, Professional, and Premium package pricing can be found eblink{here=>}.

TIP: eblink{Learn more about your package options=>}.

NOTE: To comply with the tax regulations in Australia, Eventbrite is required to collect Australian goods and services tax (GST) on the Eventbrite fee from Australian organisers. Eventbrite won’t collect Australian GST on the Eventbrite fee if you provide us with a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) for GST purposes. eblink{Learn more=>}.

— Payouts

Payout timeline as shown on a calendar (where A, B, C, represent various stages in the payout timeline).
Payout timeline as shown on a calendar (where A, B, C, represent various stages in the payout timeline).

Your payout, minus fees, is sent 4-5 days after your event ends on Eventbrite. Bank holidays are observed, so keep this in mind when setting expectations for vendors and various event affiliates. The fastest way to get paid is to eblink{set up direct deposit payouts=>}. Once sent, direct deposits typically show up in your account within 5 business days in the U.S. (up to 7 business days internationally). eblink{Learn how to see the status of your payout=>}.

EXAMPLE: With a week that starts on Sunday, the letters in the sample schedule correspond to: • A: Day your event ends. • B: Date of payment—when we send your direct deposit (or check — $USD only). • C: Day by which international bank transfers should be received (non-U.S.)

TIP: Need your money sooner? With the Professional and Premium packages, you can eblink{request scheduled payouts=>} for your events.

NOTE: We can only issue payout in the currency you collected and checks can only be sent for $USD events.

— Refunds

Before you publish your event on Eventbrite, eblink{set a refund policy=>} (1 day, 7 days, 30 days, or no refunds). If an attendee requests for a refund, respond within 1 week to maintain a positive attendee experience and eblink{prevent chargebacks=>}. Whether you have a refund policy set for the event or not, you can process refunds up to 3 days after your event ends. Full refunds are not subject to a fee. eblink{Learn how to refund orders=>}.

PRO TIP: If you'd like to issue a refund after your payout is sent, you can eblink{use your credit card (not the attendee's card) to cover the refund=>}.

NOTE: A refund policy can't be added or changed once your event is published and refunds outside of your policy may still be expected in certain situations.

— Alternatives

Eventbrite Payment Processing is the default option (and in most cases the most cost efficient and smoothest experience). Organisers can accept online payment from eblink{most major credit and debit cards=>}. Alternatively, you can use one of the following to process payments for your event: • eblink{PayPal=>}

TIP: In addition to online payment methods, you can eblink{offer attendees the ability to select an offline payment method=>} when registering. Just make sure to let them know how they can deliver their payment to you since it doesn't process online and isn't included in your payout.

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